Walnut Hill Kit



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Walnut Hill Kit

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- Expand Walnut Hill Press Capabilities
- Easy to Install
- Durable and Reliable
- Achieve Accurate Swaging

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The Walnut Hill Kit is a complete set of adapters designed to enable the use of any Corbin -S type swage die and external punch in a Walnut Hill press. This kit is perfect for those who want to expand the capabilities of their Walnut Hill press.

The kit includes:

  1. WH-ADAPT, a two-part adapter which allows the following dies to fit and operate in the WH press: CSW-1-S, CS-1-S. LSWC-1-S, RBT-2-S dies, and similar swage dies which do not require a captive ejection punch.
  2. WH-EJECT, a special ejection punch with your choice of ejection pin diameter to match a specific PF-1-S die or end rounding die from a cTJM-1-S set. You must specify the caliber and ejection pin wire size for a given PF-1-S die. These are marked on the end of each die. You need to add ejectors for different sizes of PF-1-S dies IF they use different ejection pin diameters. The other components are the same for all calibers.
  3. FPH-1-S, standard floating punch holder which holds and adjusts the position of any Corbin external swage punch for any die, in the head of the WH press.

  • Main Purpose: Enables the use of Corbin -S type swage dies in a Walnut Hill press
  • Compatibility: Exclusively designed for Walnut Hill presses
  • Material: Made from high-quality materials for durability and precision
  • Set Components: Includes a complete set of adapters for various swage dies and punches


  • Versatility: Allows you to use a wide range of Corbin -S type swage dies
  • Ease of Use: Easy to install and integrate with your existing Walnut Hill setup
  • Durability: Built for long-lasting use
  • Precision: Ensures accurate swaging tasks