H Type 22LR to 224 Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set



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H Type 22LR to 224 Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set

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- Comprehensive Bullet Jacket Making
- Enables Custom Caliber Swaging
- High-Quality Bullet Production
- Material Recycling and Cost Savings

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    Corbin Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set

    Unlock Precision and Performance with Custom Bullet Jackets

    Take your bullet swaging to the next level with the Corbin Type H Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set, designed specifically for crafting your own .224 caliber bullet jackets. Whether you’re an avid shooter, a competitive marksman, or a custom ammunition enthusiast, our set offers unparalleled advantages for those who demand precision and performance from their bullets.

    The H Type 22LR Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set is a comprehensive kit designed to transform fired .22 LR cases into .224 caliber bullet jackets. This set is specifically tailored for the Corbin Mega-Mite or Hydro Presses and includes a additional adapter kit for either the Corbin Mega-Mite or Hydro Presses. It allows you to create high-quality jacketed bullets in the range of 50 to 80 grains.

    Advantages of Making Your Own .224 Caliber Bullet Jackets

    1. Ultimate Customization:
      • Tailor your bullet jackets to your exact specifications. Adjust the thickness, length, and material to optimize performance for your specific shooting needs. This level of customization ensures that every bullet is perfectly suited to your firearm and intended use.
    2. Enhanced Accuracy:
      • Achieve superior accuracy with precisely crafted jackets that provide consistent weight and balance. Custom jackets reduce variances in standard mass production processes that can affect bullet trajectory, giving you tighter groupings and greater confidence in every shot.
    3. Cost-Effective:
      • Save money by making your own bullet jackets. Purchasing commercial bullets and/or jackets can be expensive, especially for high-volume shooters. The Corbin Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set allows you to produce high-quality jackets at a fraction of the cost, without compromising on quality.
    4. Quality Control:
      • Take control of the entire manufacturing process. By making your own jackets, you ensure that each one meets your stringent quality standards. No more relying on mass-produced components that may not meet your exacting requirements.
    5. Versatility:
      • Experiment with different materials and jacket designs. Whether you prefer copper, brass, or other metals, the Corbin Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set gives you the freedom to explore various combinations to achieve the optimal balance of expansion, penetration, and performance.
    6. Sustainability:
      • Utilize spent .22 LR cases to create your jackets, reducing waste and promoting recycling. This environmentally friendly approach not only helps you save on materials but also contributes to sustainable shooting practices.

    Kit Components and Features:

    • High-Precision Dies:
      • Engineered to deliver perfect jackets every time, our dies are made from durable, high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance.
    • Easy-to-Follow Instructions:
      • Whether you’re a novice or an experienced reloader, our comprehensive guide walks you through the process step-by-step, ensuring successful jacket production with each use.
    • Versatile Press Compatibility:
      • The Corbin Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set is designed to work with most standard reloading presses, making it a versatile addition to your reloading bench. It will also work with the Corbin Mega-Mite or Hydro Press which are necessary for the additional core seating and point forming steps to complete your projectiles. 
    • Complete Set:
      • Includes everything you need to start making your own .224 caliber bullet jackets. Ensure you have an adequate reloading press or a Corbin Type H press.  

    Transform your bullet swaging experience with the Corbin Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set. Elevate your shooting precision, customize your ammunition, and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting your own bullet jackets with ease and confidence.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Making .224 Bullet Jackets with the Corbin Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set

    1. Clean the .22 LR Fired Cases:

    • Boil the Cases: Place the fired cases in a pot of boiling water with added detergent. This helps remove any dirt or residue.
    • Rinse and Shine: Rinse the cases in hot water. For tarnished cases, add an ounce of vinegar to a quart of water for a shinier finish. Adding a tablespoon of salt also enhances the cleaning process, but ensure you rinse thoroughly with clear water afterward to remove any salt residue.
    • Dry the Cases: Allow the cleaned cases to dry completely.

    2. Stress Relieve the Cases:

    • Electric Oven Method: Place the cases on a tray and run them through a self-cleaning cycle in an electric oven.
    • Propane Torch Method: Heat the cases to a faint red glow in a dark room using a propane torch. This should only take a few seconds. Avoid overheating, as too much heat can soften the shank, causing dents during bullet formation.

    3. Prepare the Press:

    • Insert the Punch: Place the punch into the press ram.
    • Adjust the Die: Screw the die a few turns into the press head, ensuring at least three full threads are engaged. Typically, the die will be set high in the press to maximize leverage for easier operation.

    4. Lubricate the Case and Punch:

    • Apply Swage Lube: Lightly lubricate the case and punch with Corbin Swage Lube. A thin film applied with your fingertips is sufficient.

    5. Form the Jackets:

    • Position the Case: Place a .22 LR case over the punch.
    • Adjust and Press: Raise the ram, adjusting the die position so the case is pushed into the die, the head is drawn out, and the jacket is stripped off the punch and remains in the die. The jacket should be free of the die constriction and loose in the guide section above the drawing area. Fine-tune the die setting for optimal force and ease.
    • Repeat the Process: Push all the .22 LR cases through the die one after another. Collect the emerging jackets from the top of the die.

    6. Utilize the Jackets:

    • Turn Jackets into Bullets: Use Corbin bullet swage die sets for .224 caliber to turn the jackets into bullets (not included). You can navigate to the Corbin Firearm die set page and select a .224 caliber die set, to complete your purchase and process your jacket to a complete bullet. The jackets can also be drawn to .204, .172, or even .142 in two or three steps with Corbin Draw Dies. 


    • RFJM-22R Die: Fits standard 7/8-14 thread head, t-slotted ram reloading presses capable of accepting standard RCBS shell holders.
    • RFJM-22S Die: Fits the Corbin S-Press (CSP-1).
    • RFJM-22H Die: Fits the Corbin Mega-Mite (CSP-2) and Corbin Hydro-Press.

    Start making your lifetime supply of custom .224 jackets with the Corbin Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set and experience the satisfaction and performance of perfectly tailored bullets.

    • Main Purpose: Transforms fired .22 LR cases into .224 centerfire bullet jackets
    • Compatibility: Works with Corbin Mega-Mite or Hydro Press, and standard reloading presses
    • Components: Includes a threaded die and a separate drawing punch


    • Cost-Effective: Utilizes spent .22 LR cases, offering a cost-effective way to create .224 bullet jackets
    • Versatility: Compatible with multiple types of presses, including standard reloading presses
    • Efficiency: One set for multiple calibers, capable of making jackets for .224 and .243 calibers
    • Ease of Use: Simple procedure that requires minimal adjustments
    • Quality: Produces high-quality, thin-wall bullet jackets

    Material Hardened Tool Steel
    Die Threads 1.5-12
    Ram Threads 1-12

    You'll need the Corbin Rim Fire Jacket Maker Set, a reloading press compatible with the die, a Corbin Mega-Mite Press, or Hydro Press, Corbin Swage Lube, and .22 LR fired cases. Optionally, you may want an electric oven or propane torch for stress relieving the cases.

    Boil the cases in water with detergent, rinse in hot water (adding vinegar and salt for tarnished cases), and allow them to dry completely. Ensure you rinse thoroughly if using salt.

    Stress relieving prevents folding of the ogive by making the cases less brittle. It can be done by running the cases through a self-cleaning cycle in an electric oven or by heating them to a faint red glow with a propane torch.

    Yes, the jackets made with this set can be drawn down to .204, .172, or even .142 caliber in two or three steps using additional Corbin draw dies.

    The time required depends on your setup, experience and quantity. Once you become familiar with the process, it becomes quicker and more efficient. You can turn out jackets in 5-10 minutes with practice. 

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