Standard Hand Cannelure Tool



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Standard Hand Cannelure Tool
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- Achieve Precise Groove Placement
- Suitable for Multiple Calibers
- High-Quality Construction
- Manual Control for Customization

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    The Hand Cannelure Tool is a manual tool designed to create precision cannelure grooves on straight-sided pistol cases, rimless cartridges like 9mm and 45ACP, and jacketed bullets. It can be used for hard lead bullets as well. With adjustable depth and location settings, this tool allows you to put the groove exactly where you want it.

    Bullets are placed on a roller V-way, and the upper half of the tool swings down to press a hardened embossing wheel against the bullet. A 0.050" standard width groove is rolled into the bullet as you press down on a large padded handle and turn a crank two or three full turns. To finish open the handle, remove the bullet, and place another on the V-way. You can process at least four bullets per minutes.

    • Main Purpose: Creates precision cannelure grooves on straight-sided pistol cases or jacketed bullets
    • Features: Adjustable depth and location for precise groove placement
    • Compatibility: Handles calibers from .172" to .720"


    • Precision: Allows for adjustable depth and location of the cannelure groove.
    • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of calibers from .172" to .720".
    • Quality: Manufactured to high standards for durability and performance.
    • Ease of Use: Manual operation allows for greater control over the cannelure process.

    Frame Material 14 gauge steel
    Grip Material Foam
    Knurling Wheel Material Hardened Steel
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