50 BMG Bullet Puller



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Technical Bulletins Vol. III
Technical Bulletins Vol. III
S-Press Airgun Slug Kit (Press, Die, Slicer, Lead, Lube)
S-Press Airgun Slug Kit (Press, Die, Slicer, Lead, Lube)

50 BMG Bullet Puller

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- Safe Bullet Removal
- Efficient and Easy to Use
- Versatile Compatibility
- Quality Bullet Preservation

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    Product Description

    The Corbin Bullet Puller (CBP-50) is designed to safely remove bullets from loaded cartridges using the leverage of a heavy-duty reloading press. Unlike hammer-type pullers that can damage the bullet and powder, the CBP-50 eases the bullet out of the case, reducing the risk of detonation or ignition.

    • Main Purpose: Safely removes bullets from loaded cartridges.
    • Compatibility: Works with any reloading press capable of reloading a 50 BMG round.
    • Design: Uses a precisely shaped orifice to grip the bullet without marring it.
    • Safety: Reduces the risk of detonation or ignition when pulling pyrotechnic rounds.
    • Operation: Automatically opens with light pressure on the release lever and closes firmly with slight hand movement.


    • Safety: Minimizes the risk of detonation or ignition.
    • Efficiency: Faster and easier to use than collet-type pullers.
    • Versatility: Compatible with various calibers and types of bullets.
    • Quality: Leaves most pulled bullets unmarred, unlike other methods that can deform them.
    • Ease of Use: Simple operation with a reloading press.

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