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HB-8 Table of Contents The Corbin Handbook of Bullet Swaging, No. 8, is the first new book from Dave Corbin in a decade. Recently published, the book contains more photos and detailed information, some of which is summarized on this web site. This is an entirely new book filled with illustrations and over 228 pages of tips, secrets and techniques for making almost any bullet you can imagine. (To see the table of contents, select the picture of the handbook.)

Illustrations, photos and text were all produced personally by Dave Corbin. Information gleaned from over 30 years of experience is bound up in its pages.

For an even more current version, order the e-Book on CD-ROM HB-9E. This is updated continually to keep up with the newest developments, and features both PDF and HTML formats on the same disk (so you can view and print selections with the free Acrobat Reader or using your standard web browser).

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Phone 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs: 541-826-5211
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