Pin-Point Tips (500 pcs)



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S-Press PCP Airgun Slug Die Set
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Pin-Point Tips (500 pcs)
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- Better for shorter larger caliber bullets (.375 - .510)
- Versatile for various bullet calibers
- Enhance bullet performance with precise design

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    The Pin-Point Tips are bullet tip inserts designed to make larger caliber bullets with shorter overall lengths. These tips feature a 25-degree nose cone and a 0.100-inch grooved stem, blending into a smooth hybrid ogive for various calibers like .45. They are especially useful for bullets in the .375 to .458 range designed for the AR platform, long-range airgun projectiles, and more.

    • Main Purpose: Creates larger caliber bullets with shorter overall lengths
    • Compatibility: Suitable for about .30 caliber to .50 caliber bullets
    • Features: 25-degree nose cone and 0.100-inch grooved stem
    • Additional Info: Packaged in bags of 500, can be added to any existing die set


    • Versatility: Can be used for a wide range of bullet calibers and types.
    • Precision: 25-degree nose cone and grooved stem for precise bullet design.
    • Ease of Use: Can be added to existing die sets, making it a versatile addition to your bullet-making toolkit.

    Material Steel
    Surface Treatment Zinc Plated
    Overall Length 0.495"
    Tip Length 0.225"
    Tip Width (at the largest end) 0.210"
    Stem Length 0.270
    Quantity 500 pcs
    Tip Angle 25 Degrees