S-Press Stop Pin



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S-Press PCP Airgun Slug Die Set
S-Press PCP Airgun Slug Die Set
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Mega Mite Press

S-Press Stop Pin

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- Automate Component Ejection
- Enhance Operational Efficiency
- Easy to Install
- Durable and Reliable

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The S-Press Stop Pin is a removable hardened steel pin designed to provide automatic ejection of components when the ram is lowered in your S-Press. This stop pin is an essential part for ensuring smooth and efficient operations. The standard pin which comes with the CSP-1 S-Press is a long pin which passes completely through a hole in the newer punch heads.

  • Main Purpose: Provides automatic ejection of components in the S-Press
  • Compatibility: Fits current model S-Presses
  • Material: Made from hardened steel for durability
  • Installation: Goes through the front frame of the press, and through the ram.


  • Efficiency: Enables automatic projectile ejection, speeding up your swaging or reloading process
  • Durability: Made from hardened steel to withstand repeated use
  • Ease of Use: Easy to install and integrate with your existing S-Press setup
  • Precision: Ensures accurate ejection of components

Material Steel
Head Knurled
Pin Length 2.05"
Pin Diameter 0.238"