S-Press PCP Airgun Ejector Punch



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S-Press PCP Airgun Slug Die Set
S-Press PCP Airgun Slug Die Set
Mega Mite Press
Mega Mite Press

S-Press PCP Airgun Ejector Punch

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- Essential for Maintaining S-Press Die Functionality
- Ejects Hollow Ogive and Hollow Point Point Form Projectiles
- Easy to Install/Replace
- Compatible with S-Press PCP Airgun Die Sets

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  • Rod Diameter
  • Punch Sync Length 1
  • Punch Sync Length 2
  • Tip Shape
  • Caliber (custom)

This combination does not exist.

Made in the USA 
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Product Description for S-Press PCP Airgun Ejector Punch

The S-Press Internal Punch Replacement or Accessory Punch is an versatile accessory for the S-Press PCP Airgun Slug Die Set. Remove the internal ejector punch that came with your die set, and replace it with this punch for a different nose style. These are synced punches with the die, so make sure to include the pin diameter, sync values, and the tip shape that you want. 

If you initially purchased a die set that included a hollow point pin but now wish to add a hollow ogive or flat pin, this replacement punch is precisely what you need.

Ordering Instructions:

  • Include the two sync numbers found on the base of your existing punch.
  • Specify the rod diameter, which can be found on the punch base or measured directly.

Ensure the continued functionality and versatility of your S-Press PCP Airgun Slug Die Sets with this indispensable component.

  • Main Purpose: Serves as a replacement/accessory part for Airgun Slug Die ejection punches
  • Components: One rod insert held in place with a set screw
  • Compatibility: Exclusively designed for the S-Press PCP Airgun Dies
  • Material: Made from high-quality materials in the USA with precision and durability


  • Versatility: Can be used as a replacement for various types of punches (HP and HO)
  • Precision: Engineered for high accuracy and precision fits with existing dies
  • Ease of Use: Easy to install and uninstall with a 8-32 set screw
  • Durability: Made for long-lasting use

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