Pre-Cut Lead



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Bullet Swage Manual By T. Smith
Bullet Swage Manual By T. Smith

Pre-Cut Lead
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- Save yourself time and money with Corbin's NEW precut lead
- $5.75/LB
- No need to cut your own spooled lead wire
- Grain weight will be within 3 grains of specified weight.

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Tired of cutting your own lead for airgun slugs and firearm cores or casting them at your specific grain weight? Let Corbin's help by cutting lead for your, so you can get back to doing what you love, shooting. Say goodbye to tedious manual cutting and trimming. With our precut lead, you'll spend less time prepping and more time perfecting your projectiles with less waste. Get ready to streamline your reloading process and maximize your efficiency.

Crafted from Corbin's premium lead material, our precut lead ensures consistency and accuracy in every bullet you produce and are guaranteed to not clog the bleed holes in your Corbin dies. Say goodbye to inconsistencies and hello to tighter groupings and superior performance.

These are made to order, and the count is determined by the grain weight you select. Make sure to request at least 3 more grains than you will need for your final weight, to ensure that your die pressurizes completely and bleeds off excess lead. If you want to know how many cores you will receive just divide your total ordered weight (10, 20, or 40 lbs) by the grain weight that you requested. 

Cores will be delivered within 3 grains of your desired weight. 

Yes, this is 99.9% pure lead. 

Yes, we will cut these to your desired grain weight (within 3 grains) to save you time and money. 

7000 grains are in a LB of lead. 

They are mailed via UPS or USPS in 10 LB bags inside of a box and orders will be mailed within 4 business days of purchase.