Corbin S-Press Swaging Kit - 224 Series



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Corbin S-Press (Press Only)
Corbin S-Press (Press Only)
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Mega Mite Press

Corbin S-Press Swaging Kit - 224 Series
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- Make High Quality .224 Caliber Bullets
- Hunting Applications
- Target Shooting
- Competition Use
- DIY Bullet Making

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    Made in the USA 
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    The S-Press .224 Kit is your all-in-one solution for making high-quality .224 caliber bullets. This is everything you need to manufacture bullets in the .224 caliber (5.56 or 5.7mm, all standard 22's such as the .222, .220 Swift, .225, etc). This kit is perfect for both beginners and experts, offering a complete package that includes the following: 

    • CSP-1 S-Press 
    • FJFB-3-S 224 6-S Bullet Swaging 3-Die Set (includes below)
      • CSW-1-S .190-diam core swage die for exact weight control
      • CS-1-S .224 core seating die (assembles core and jacket)
      • PF-1-S .224 6-S ogive point forming die (forms the nose or ogive curve)
    • RFJM-22S 22 Rimfire Case Jacket Maker.
    • Corbin Swage Lube, 2 oz
    • CM-4A 0.185" 4-cavity core mold

    If you have been looking for a quick, easy way to get a complete package, here it is. This same package could be modified for other calibers, except the caliber specific items such as the RFJM-22S jacket maker would need to be replaced with other methods of jackets more suitable to the caliber selected. The items that are not included are lead and spent 22 cases. 

    • All-in-One Package: CSP-1 S-Press, FJFB-3-S 224 6-S Bullet Swaging 3-Die Set, RFJM-22S 22 Rimfire Case Jacket Maker, 2 oz bottle of Corbin Swage Lube, Corbin 4 Cavity Core Mold in the 0.185" diameter size, The Corbin Handbook of Swaging, and Instructions.
    • High Precision: Engineered for unparalleled accuracy
    • Ease of Use: User-friendly design suitable for all skill levels


    • Versatility: Make any common centerfire .22 bullets from fired .22 LR cases and scrap lead.
    • Cost-Effective: Utilize scrap materials to produce high-quality bullets.
    • Quality Assurance: Manufactured by Corbin, a leader in bullet swaging technology.

    Weight Range 45 - 90 grains
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