Bullet Engineer's Kit



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Bullet Engineer's Kit

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- All-in-One Bullet Engineering Solution
- User-Friendly and Versatile
- Updated for Modern Systems
- Resourceful and Comprehensive

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    Product Description

    The Bullet Engineer's Kit is a comprehensive software package that is designed for bullet engineering and analysis. It includes the following five different items: 

    • DC-1001 Tangential Ogive Calculator (DC-1001)
    • DC-1003 Paper Patch Bullet Design Calculator (DC-1003)
    • DC-1004 Terminal Ballistics Plotter (DC-1004)
    • DC-TWIST Twist Rate Calculator (DC-TWIST)
    • HB-9-E Handbook

    This kit is an all-in-one solution for bullet design, analysis, and terminal ballistics. Just plug the flash drive into a matching USB port, open the application in the respective folder, and the menu will appear. With new Windows updates some programs may have technical issues as a result of certain Visual Basic Files that are no longer provided by default that these programs require. There is a troubleshooting folder loaded onto the USB in case your specific machine has issues.

    • Main Purpose: Comprehensive software package for bullet engineering and analysis.
    • Included Programs: DC-1001, DC-1003, DC-1004, DC-TWIST, and HB-9-E handbook.
    • Compatibility: Updated for Windows, but also includes the original MS-DOS versions.
    • Additional Features: Comes with PDF files for Corbin products, MSDS sheets, and a copy of the Corbin website for offline viewing.


    • Comprehensive Toolkit: Includes multiple programs for different aspects of bullet design and analysis.
    • User-Friendly: Easy-to-use interface with detailed instructions.
    • Versatility: Suitable for both amateur and professional bullet engineers.
    • Up-to-Date: Updated for modern Windows operating systems.
    • Resourceful: Comes with additional PDF files and offline Corbin website access.

    USB Type(s) Dual USB 3.0 and Type C
    Flash Drive Size 8 GB