Corbin Paper-Patch Bullet Designer



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Corbin Paper-Patch Bullet Designer
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- Create custom paper-patch bullets
- Achieve precise bullet dimensions
- Optimize bullet weight for specific firearms
- Calculate cost-effective bullet production
- Comes on a 8GB Flash Drive

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    The Paper-Patch Bullet Designer is a software program that assists in designing paper-patch bullets. It features four main sections: 

    • Bullet Diameter calculations
    • Bullet Weight calculations
    • Two-Part Bullet calculations 
    • Cost per Bullet calculations 

    The diameter calculation assumes you have a gun, some paper, and know the weight of bullet you wish to shoot. If you have the gun, you can determine the groove to groove diameter and rifling depth, and if you have the paper, you can measure its thickness. Armed with this information, you can decide what shape of bullet you want to try, what material you wish to use for the bullet, and then calculate the length, proper diameter for either breech or muzzle loading with paper patch, the length and width of the patch for a typical 2-wrap patch, and get a good idea of the spin rate or twist that the bullet would require for stability.

    The bullet weight calculations assume you have a gun already, and can obtain the basic barrel information such as rifling depth and bore size, and twist rate. It will then calculate the weight of bullet which should best stabilize in this barrel given a specific shape which you can change to compare with other bullets. The assumption is that you will have the gun, and want to make the bullets to fit it, rather than having the bullets and designing the gun barrel for them. 

    The two-part design section is an aid to people making hard and soft alloy bullets of two sections, a nose and a shank, which are swaged together to form one bullet. Given a desired bullet weight, it will calculate the volume and weight of each of two different alloys that will provide this, in a specified shape. 

    The cost section asks you for the weight of your bullet, and the cost of the material in specified spool or rod weights (ex. 10-lb spool of .430 lead wire). The assumption is that you will want to know how many bullets you can make of a given kind from a certain supply of wire, and how much each bullet will cost you by the time you have paid both for the wire and shipping. You can also use this to calculate the cost of bulk lead such as ingots or wheelweights, in relation to cost per bullet, and to figure out how many inches to cut from a spool of a given diameter wire to produce a certain weight of bullet.

    The program also gives you the shank and nose length, and the volume of lead used for each bullet, based on the material density, diameter, and the depth and width of hollow base (if any) and flat tip or meplat (if any), in addition to calculating the proper bullet diameter and the resulting bullet length.

    DC-1003 now only comes on a flash drive. Just plug the flash drive into a matching USB port, open the application in the respective folder, and the menu will appear. With new Windows updates some programs may have technical issues as a result of certain Visual Basic Files that are no longer provided by default that these programs require. There is a troubleshooting folder loaded onto the USB in case your specific machine has issues. 

    This tool is invaluable for those who want to create custom bullets with paper patches.

    • Main Purpose: Assists in designing paper-patch bullets with precise calculations
    • Compatibility: Suitable for various types of firearms and bullets
    • Features: Four main sections for comprehensive bullet design
    • Additional Info: Calculates bullet diameter, weight, two-part bullet design, and cost per bullet


    • Precision: Provides accurate calculations for bullet diameter, weight, and cost.
    • Versatility: Can be used for various types of firearms and bullets.
    • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface with multiple sections for different calculations.

    USB Type(s) Dual USB 3.0 and Type C
    Flash Drive Size 8 GB