Corbin S-Press (Press Only)



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S-Press PCP Airgun Slug Die Set
S-Press PCP Airgun Slug Die Set

Corbin S-Press (Press Only)
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The S-Press is a high precision, high pressure, solid steel frame roller-bearing swaging press.

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    S-Press Description

    Make your own bullets with the Corbin S-Press. Designed for precision and durability, this press is a must-have for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you're in the firearms industry or a hobbyist, the S-Press ensures consistent quality with every bullet. Its robust construction and user-friendly design make it a top choice for bullet-making. Experience the difference with Corbin's S-Press and elevate your ammunition crafting to the next level.

    Why The S-Press?

    • Handles More Pressure Than Other Presses
    • Makes competition-quality bullets
    • You can make your own bullets!
    • Versatility and Multifunctionality
    • Quick Change System
    • Built-in Safety Features
    • Automatic Ejection of Bullets
    • Dual Stroke Leverage System
    • Removable Head for Any Thread
    • Free Accessories


    • The CSP-1 press features a precision-machined steel head, adaptable for standard 7/8-14 TPI or any custom thread.
    • It's designed for both current and future die types, even obsolete ones.
    • Corbin offers "field alignment" jigs for perfect ram-to-head alignment.
    • These tools ensure precise alignment, making the CSP-1 a top choice for expert shooters and bullet researchers.

    Unique Features of the S-Press

    The S-Press boasts features not found in other swaging.

    • It utilizes an aircraft-inspired torsion/compression strut for enhanced rigidity.
    • The press is assembled with a precision hardened alignment test jig, ensuring perfect axial alignment between the head and ram.
    • Its frame is more rigid than single metal or cast frames, with a tensile strength exceeding 100,000 psi, compared to the typical 40,000 psi in most cast frames.
    • The CSP-1 press features a durable stop pin for smooth bullet ejection, eliminating the need for separate ejectors or mallets.
    Assembled Depth 8"
    Assembled Height 15"
    Assembled Width 6"
    Assembled Weight 25 lbs
    Stroke Lengths Short Stroke (2") / Long Stroke (4")
    Press Ratio 16:1
    Material Steel
    Ram Threads 5/8-25
    Bullet Calibers 0.102 - 0.458
    Bullet Length up to 1.3"
    Top Plate Threads 7/8-14
    Mounting (not included) (3) 5/16 Bolts
    Finish Black Oxide / Powder Coating
    Effective Handle Lenght 18"

    Depending on the kind of bullet, you might need just one die, or you might want up to a six-die set. The greatest number of calibers and styles can be made using either the CSP-1 S-press, the CSP-2 Mega Mite press, or the CHP-1 Hydro Press. To see which dies you would want for the kind of bullets you wish to make, click Swaging Steps.

    It depends on the bullet design and how many presses you want to set up. Click Production for info about speed.

    From zero cents to perhaps as much as fifty cents, in rough terms: depends entirely on the material needed to make it. You can make free .224 and .243 bullets using fired .22 cases and scrap le ad that you pick up from the range. You can make free 25 acp bullets from fired shotgun primer cups. Click here for jacket and lead wire calculations.  A typical benchrest quality bullet made with the best commercial jacket available would cost about nine cents. A bonded core, partitioned, rebated-boattail heavy-wall ultra-low drag .475 bullet might cost you as much as twenty cents in materials, if you bought them all in small quantity (copper tubing and lead wire, for instance). But to buy that same bullet, you'd pay over $1.50 from one of the custom bullet firms -- and chances are, you'd be making something they didn't even offer, at any price! If you make a lead bullet, it costs no more than a cast lead bullet. But it is usually 100 times more round and precise, 10 times more consistent in weight than the best cast bullets.

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