Corbin Five Star Gun Oil



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Corbin S-Press (Press Only)
Corbin S-Press (Press Only)
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Corbin Five Star Gun Oil
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- Cost-Effective Refills
- Enhanced Durability
- Specialized Lubrication

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Product Description

Introducing Corbin Gun Oil (5-Star ISO-10), a non-gumming ISO-20 lubricant specifically designed to optimize the performance of sliding steel parts, including press rams, pivots, firearms, and fishing reels.

  • Main Purpose: Optimizes performance of sliding steel parts
  • Form Factor: Pint-size containers
  • Specialization: ISO-20 grade for non-gumming lubrication


  • Optimized Performance: Designed for sliding steel parts like press rams and pivots
  • Economical: Refill your gun oil cans multiple times at a fraction of the cost
  • Durability: Prolongs the life of firearms, fishing reels, and other steel components

Material Material Low Viscosity, Highly Refined Mineral Oil Low Viscosity, Highly Refined Mineral Oil
Volume Volume 16 oz 2 oz
Applications Applications Machine Oil, Gear Oil, Bearing Oil, and Light Duty Hydraulic Systems Machine Oil, Gear Oil, Bearing Oil, and Light Duty Hydraulic Systems
Additional Properties Additional Properties Non-staining Non-staining

Gun oil serves various essential purposes in firearm maintenance and care. It is primarily used to lubricate moving parts within a firearm, such as the slide, barrel, and trigger components, reducing friction and wear while ensuring smoother operation. Additionally, gun oil provides a protective barrier on metal surfaces, guarding against corrosion caused by moisture exposure, which is crucial, especially in wet or humid environments. Gun oil is also used during the cleaning process to break down fouling and residue. After cleaning, a light application of gun oil preserves the cleaned surfaces. Furthermore, for firearms in storage, a thin layer of gun oil helps prevent rust and corrosion, ensuring they remain in good condition when needed. Corbin Gun Oil is excellent in reducing staining when coming into contact with fabrics or other components.