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S-Press PCP Airgun Slug Die Set
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Corbin Hydro-Press
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- Precision Engineering
- Many Bullet Swaging Uses
- Industry-Leading Durability
- Competition Quality

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    The Hydro-Press, also known as Corbin's Model CHP-1, is a hydraulic power swaging and reloading press. It has been in production for over 40 years and is widely used in custom bullet manufacturing, military prototype work, and research and development labs. The latest version, Mark VI, has several improvements, including a taller cabinet design, more reliable electronic position transducers, and a redesigned steel cabinet with an integral hydraulic tank and forced air cooling. It comes with programmable stroke cycles, pressure sensing ram control with a positive override. 

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    • Weight: 350 pounds (Shipping weight 405 lbs)
    • Dimensions: 22-inch by 15-inch floor space
    • Power: Runs on either 115-120 volt 50 or 60 Hz standard household current (USA) or 240 volt 50 or 60 Hz standard overseas power (with optional A-220v kit).


    • Versatility: Can perform a wide range of tasks, from bullet swaging to making fishing tackle.
    • Motor: Now uses a heavy-duty Baldor motor.
    • Pressure Gauge: Equipped with an internal damper for easier reading.
    • Stroke Length: 6-inch stroke length with enough power to swage 1-inch diameter cannon shells.


    The Hydro-Press is powered by a 1.5 HP electric motor and uses a two-stage hydraulic pump. It has a hydraulic reservoir holding about 8.5 gallons of non-foaming Chevron AW-40 hydraulic fluid. The press can be set to stop on reaching a certain position or a certain pressure, providing flexibility and safety.


    For safety, the Hydro-Press has a three-position key switch that controls its power and functions. The key can be removed to prevent automatic stroke operation.


    • Bullet Swaging
    • Making bullet jackets
    • Re-manufacturing fired or pulled bullets
    • Forming powdered metal tungsten
    • Reloading ammunition
    • Manufacturing fishing tackle
    • And many more

    Additional Information

    The Hydro-Press is the machine of choice for any custom bullet business due to its versatility and ease of use. It is often preferred over automated transfer presses due to its lower cost and flexibility in changing calibers.

    Stroke Length 1 - 6 inchs
    Bullet Lengths Up to 3.5 inches
    Calibers 0.100 - 1.0 inch diameter
    Required Lead Hardness Up to 15 brinell
    Top and Bottom Dwell Timer 0.5 sec - 300 hours
    Ram Thread 1"-12