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Bullet Balls

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- Bullet Weight Control
- Enhanced Bullet Stability
- Versatility in Bullet Making
- Ease of Use

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Product Description

Ball Tips are precise diameter and weight polymer balls used to make lighter-weight bullets by taking up some of the volume within a bullet jacket. By adjusting the position and ratio of core to ball, the balance of a bullet can also be adjusted, making it possible to use long or light bullets with standard twist rates of barrels.

  • Main Purpose: To make lighter-weight bullets and adjust the balance of a bullet.
  • Material: Made from linear polyethylene polymer.
  • Compatibility: Can be used in various bullet jackets.
  • Sizes: Available in five color-coded diameters.
  • Packaging: Available in packages of 1000.


  • Weight Adjustment: Allows for the creation of lighter bullets.
  • Balance Control: Enables the adjustment of bullet balance for stability.
  • Versatility: Can be used in various bullet jackets and for different calibers.
  • Precision: Precise diameter and weight for accurate bullet making.
  • Ease of Use: Simply drop into the bullet jacket and adjust as needed.

Color Color Color Color Yellow White Green Blue
Diameter Diameter Diameter Diameter 0.250" 0.125 0.188" 0.3125"
Caliber Tips Caliber Tips Caliber Tips Caliber Tips .358 - .458 0.170, 0.200, 0.224 Up to 0.284" 0.400" - 0.450"
Material Material Material Material Low Density Polymer Low Density Polymer Low Density Polymer Low Density Polymer
Quantity Quantity Quantity Quantity 1000 1000 1000 1000