Hydro-Press Billet Mould Tubes



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Hydro-Press Billet Mould Tubes

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- Facilitates Billet Casting for Hydro Lead Wire Extrusion
- Enhances Hydro-Press Functionality
- High-Quality Construction
- Easy to Use
- Comes in a (2) pack

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    Made in the USA 
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    The Hydro-Press Billet Mould Tube is an accessory designed to facilitate the casting of billets for lead wire extrusion when used with the Hydro-Press. Two billet molds come with the LED-1-H Kit, these are additional tubes that will help speed up the casting process for your specific application. Made of high-quality, heat-resistant steel, this mold tube is simple to install and operate, requiring no special tools. Make sure to pair each tube with a BMT-B base. 

    • Main Purpose: Facilitates the casting of billets for bullet swaging
    • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with the Hydro-Press
    • Material: Made of high-quality, heat-resistant materials
    • Ease of Use: Simple to install and operate, requiring no special tools


    • Precision: Enables the casting of billets with high accuracy 
    • Versatility: Can be used for various types of bullet materials
    • Durability: Made to last, ensuring long-term reliability
    • Efficiency: Speeds up the bullet-making process, saving time and effort

    Inside Diameter 0.810"
    Length 5"
    Final Billet Length 2 tubes
    Quantity 2 tubes