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Base Guards
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- Cost-Effective Bullet Making
- Versatile Across Calibers
- High-Velocity Capabilities
- Ease of Use

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Corbin Manufacturing Base Guards for Bullets

Protect Your Investment and Enhance Performance with Premium Corbin Base Guards

Product Overview: Introducing the Corbin Manufacturing Base Guards for Bullets, designed to make cost-effective bullets by attaching to the base of lead bullets. These disks will help ensure a gas tight seal with the barrel during firing of the round, and will clean and remove lead from the bore at the same time allowing for higher velocities without the need for lubricant or hard lead. Designed to provide exceptional protection and durability for your ammunition as well Corbin Base Guards are available in six different sizes making them an essential addition for any serious shooter or reloader.

Key Features:

  • Superior Protection: Corbin Base Guards shield the base of the bullet from potential damage during handling and firing, ensuring your ammunition remains in optimal condition.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made from robust, high-grade materials, these Corbin Base Guards are built to withstand the rigors of high-pressure environments.
  • Precision Fit: Engineered for a perfect fit, these Corbin Base Guards seamlessly integrate with specific bullet calibers, providing a secure and stable base.
  • Enhanced Performance: By maintaining the integrity of the bullet base, these guards contribute to more consistent and accurate shooting, helping you achieve better results on the range or in the field. The better seal you will achieve with these will ensure higher velocities when compared to the same projectiles without a base guard. 
  • Easy Installation: Designed for user-friendly application, Corbin Base Guards can be quickly and easily attached to your bullets, saving you time and effort when used with Corbin swage presses and dies and punches. 

Innovative Attachment Mechanism:

Base Guard Disks are slightly cone-shaped and are used with a swage die featuring a base punch with a slight depression just larger than the hole in the BG disk. The projecting tip of the cone faces toward the lead during bullet formation, ensuring a secure fit without tipping. As the lead flows through the hole in the disk, it creates a rivet head in the punch depression, effectively securing the disk to the base of the bullet. The disk flattens and expands slightly in diameter, achieving a precise fit in the die, ensuring zero tolerance fit between the Corbin Base Guard disk and the bullet. This simultaneous formation process in the die eliminates production tolerances.

Additional Benefits:

Any surplus material is curled forward to form a scraper edge hidden below the surface of the bullet, creating a burnishing edge that helps scrape fouling from the barrel with each shot. This unique design not only enhances performance but also addresses normal production variations that flat disks would encounter.

Available Sizes:

  • JBG-30: For 0.308 - 0.314 diameters
  • JBG-38: For 0.355 (9mm) - 0.363 (9.3 Makarov), including the .380/.357 pistol calibers
  • JBG-40: For 0.380 - 0.400 diameters, .40 S&W, 10mm, and .40 rifle calibers
  • JBG-41: For 0.410 diameter and .410 Shotgun Slug
  • JBG-44: For 0.428 - 0.430 diameters, typically used in .44 caliber
  • JBG-45: For 0.451 - 0.458 diameter, typically used for .45 caliber pistol and rifles

Why Choose Corbin Manufacturing Base Guards?

  • Reliability You Can Trust: Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a hunter, or a reloading enthusiast, you can rely on Corbin Base Guards to protect your ammunition and enhance your shooting experience.
  • Affordable Protection: Investing in Corbin Base Guards is a cost-effective way to prolong the life of your bullets and ensure their performance, without breaking the bank.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: Corbin Manufacturing stands behind the quality of their products and is committed to providing you with the best possible experience. If you’re not completely satisfied, they offer a hassle-free return policy.


  • Material: High-grade polymer/metal alloy (specify as needed)
  • Compatibility: Specific to the calibers listed above
  • Package Includes: 1000 Corbin Base Guards per pack
  • Dimensions: See specifications tab for more details

Order Yours Today!

Don’t compromise on the quality and performance of your ammunition. Equip your bullets with Corbin Manufacturing's premium Corbin Base Guards and experience the difference. Order now and take the first step towards superior protection and enhanced shooting precision.

  • Main Purpose: To create cost-effective bullets with a gas tight seal while remove leading from the bore.
  • Material: Made from copper disks that start out with a conical shape.
  • Compatibility: Can be used in several close calibers, such as .45, .44, .40, .38, and .30.
  • Design: Forms a forward-pointing scraper edge when attached to the bullet.
  • Packaging: Available in bags of 1000.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: One of the most cost-effective bullets you can make.
  • Versatility: Can be used in multiple calibers.
  • High Velocity: Allows for velocities as high as 1,400 feet per second in most guns.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to attach to the base of lead bullets.
  • Gas Sealing: Effectively seals gas and removes leading from the bore.

Material Material Material Material Material Material Copper Copper Copper Copper Copper Copper
Diameter Diameter Diameter Diameter Diameter Diameter 0.308" 0.356" 0.400" 0.411" 0.430 0.450"
Height Height Height Height Height Height 0.080" 0.095" 0.096" 0.109" 0.106" 0.110"
Inside Diameter Inside Diameter Inside Diameter Inside Diameter Inside Diameter Inside Diameter 0.112" 0.120" 0.120" 0.117" 0.120" 0.117"
Quantity Quantity Quantity Quantity Quantity Quantity 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Catalog Number Catalog Number Catalog Number Catalog Number Catalog Number Catalog Number JBG-30 JBG-38 JBG-40 JBG-41 JBG-44 JBG-45

To install Corbin Base Guards, use a BG type base punch. Ensure the lead bullet has a flat end, then place the base guard disk with the projecting tip of the cone facing the lead. As the lead is swaged, it flows through the hole in the disk, forming a rivet head in the punch depression, which secures the disk to the bullet base.

The conical shape allows the disk to flatten and expand to the exact diameter of the swage die during installation. This creates a zero-tolerance fit between the base guard disk and the bullet, ensuring optimal performance and a gas-tight seal.

Yes, by maintaining the integrity of the bullet base and ensuring a gas-tight seal, Corbin Base Guards contribute to more consistent and accurate shooting.

The design of Corbin Base Guards includes a scraper edge formed from any surplus material, which helps to scrape fouling from the barrel with each shot, improving overall barrel cleanliness and maintenance.

To make a base guard bullet, you will need the following items:

  • A Corbin Press
  • Lead
  • A die and punch set that works in conjunction with the respective Corbin Base Guard size

These components will allow you to securely attach the base guard disk to the bullet. For any additional questions or assistance regarding a specific application, please contact Corbin Manufacturing and our sales team will be more than willing to help.

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