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About Corbin

PO Box 2659
White City, OR 97503 USA
Phone: (541)826-5211 9am-5pm Mon/Thur
Fax: (541)826-8669 always on 24/7

MAPS.....Sending E-mail

Include your shipping address when placing e-mail orders! Be sure to include your Bank Card number, 3-digit security code from the back of the card and expiration date, or other method of payment.

Please do not attach documents or graphics to e-mail messages: include all information in your text. For security reasons, E-mail with attachments of any sort are deleted from our e-mail server automatically. You can send drawings and photos by FAX to 541-826-8669 any time (fax is always on 24/7). You can also order using VISA or MasterCard with our secure server Shopping Cart.

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