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Turning Ideas Into Income

Do you have an idea pertaining to a better bullet design? -Or a new idea for any kind of product or improvement in the firearms industry? Would you like to turn that idea into income, and avoid the pitfalls that stop so many good ideas from ever coming to market? Or do you already have a custom bullet business that just can't seem to get itself off the ground?

This 224-page book could help improve your future income, by solving the problems that often stall beginners and by helping you avoid the pitfalls, speed bumps, and errors that others have made, over and over again.

For over 40 years, Dave Corbin has been helping inventors and investors turn ideas into income in the field of bullet design. This book condenses that experience into hard facts and advice, such as how to recognize and avoid potential partnerships from hell, how to write effective press releases, and tips for the inventor attempting to sell ideas or patents in the firearms industry.

For any bullet maker who is struggling with sales and is about to give up on the idea of custom bullet making, this book is a must read! The most common mistakes and stumbling blocks that stop a new bullet maker from becoming successful, while others are enjoying a good income in the same market, are pointed out in detail, along with steps to achieve an immediate turn-around. The excuses of "poor economy", and "can't make them fast enough" are common among beginners and yet so easy to overcome once the solutions are spelled out! The proof of it is that during economic downturns hundreds of custom bullet makers reported having all the sales they could handle while next door, someone was ready to give up...and they had a better product than many of those who were "raking it in" in the exact same market!

The book is also available as an e-book on CD-ROM (dc-tiii). The CD-ROM is self-starting, and can also be opened by clicking the CDM file (CD Menu). The menu gives choices of installing Adobe Acrobat reader (which displays the book in various sizes on screen, searches for text, and scrolls page by page simply by moving an on-screen "hand" icon up or down the page), or just opening the book if the reader or another version of it has already been installed. The book or any part of it can be printed directly from the reader software.

Anyone who has an idea for a better bullet can benefit directly from reading this information. Some of the concepts and suggestions may be helpful to people with other ideas, outside the specific field of custom bullets. The writing is sprinkled with anecdotes and humor, but beneath it is a solid philosophy based on showing a profit and building an income from ideas, by avoiding the pitfalls that face marketers of ideas. Beyond the marketing and business planning, you will find useful information for turning income into wealth, and wealth into security and a morally pleasing lifestyle.

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