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Thin Wall 45 Pistol Jackets

A new line of .45 pistol jackets for improved performance with lower velocity loads is now available from Corbin. The thin-walled jacket, catalog number J-45-540, is approximately .540 inches tall, and weighs a nominal 28 grains. It can be used to make light weight 170-190 grain truncated conical or 3/4-E soft point bullets, or semi-wadcutters in the 200-250 grain range depending on shape and degree of hollow pointing and/or cup base forming. The jackets come in packages of 250. Inquiries from commercial bullet manufacturers are welcome.

Corbin also offers the J-45-700 jacket for up to 375 grain bullets (light .45 rifle, heavy pistol). This jacket weighs about 31 grains, and can be used with the Corbin Bullet Balls in 3/8-inch diameter, to make long yet light bullets that stabilize remarkably well because of the weight foward design (polymer ball goes into the jacket first, followed by a short lead core that forms the nose section). These jackets are in packages of 250.

Jackets can be trimmed to any shorter length using the Corbin ET-1 jacket trimmer die (a fast, one stroke operation, no filing or sawing required -- clean, crisp cuts leave edges professionally finished). For more information see the ET-1 press release.

The proper size of lead wire to use for cores in these jackets is 0.365 inches (available from Corbin in 10-lb spools, and discounted in 40-lb cartons). This wire size also will work in Corbin's .44 caliber jackets (but not the .40 cal/10mm size, which requires a .340 core).

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