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Press Release New 38/9mm .50-In. Jackets


White City, OR.

A new, thin-wall bullet jacket made to meet the demand for a high-expansion, medium to low velocity bullet in the heavier weights for .38, 9mm, .380, 38 Super, and light weight .358 and 9.5mm rifle calibers is available from Corbin. The photo shows two examples of bullets made with the new jacket. The wadcutter weighs 195 grains, and the round nose open tip weighs 135 grains. The wadcutter could be formed into a soft point by using the same point form die that shaped the open tip bullet.

The new jacket is 0.500 inches long. The jackets weigh 17 grains. The thin walls give better expansion at normal pistol speeds and at reduced rifle velocities suited for plinking, light loads, and light weights than do typical .030-.040 wall hunting jackets or .026 or heavier pistol jackets. The length is suited to full jacket designs (reverse the jacket so the base is open, rolled with a Corbin FMJ base rolling punch in the point form die) as well.

The jacket catalog number is J-38-500. The new jackets are drawn from high quality gilding metal stock, and are packaged in resealable .004-mil poly bags. This prevents oxidation of the jackets in long storage, yet lets the user open and reseal the bag. Each bag contains approximately 250 jackets (packaged by weight).

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