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Jacket Making with 1-in or 5/8-in x .030 Strip

The following table shows the maximum length for a given wall thickness and caliber which can be drawn from either 1.0-in x .030 strip, or .625 (5/8-in) x .030 strip. The stages of turning the strip into a jacket are:

  1. Cut a disk from the strip with the disk cutter die (blanking)
  2. Turn the disk into a shallow, wide cup with the cupping die (cupping)
  3. Draw the cup into a jacket or an intermediate stage jacket (1st draw)
  4. Optionally, redraw the jacket into a longer, smaller diameter (2nd or 3rd draws)
  5. Trim stage with ET-2 trim die to produce desired length

The "Main" caliber is the 1st draw. The "Final" caliber is either the same as the "Main" one, if possible, or it is a second or third draw-down from the main caliber. In some instances, an intermediate trim step may also be required for best results. The 2nd and/or 3rd draw dies, and trim dies other than the one for the main caliber, are additional options for the "main" caliber jacket maker kit. Bear in mind that other, intermediate sizes are also possible. Likewise, smaller calibers can usually be drawn from any diameter of jacket with an additional (optional extra cost) draw die and trim die.

A given diameter of jacket can normally be reduced in one step by a maximum of 0.75 times the original diameter. That is, a .452 diameter jacket x 0.75 = 0.339 inches. In some cases, the reduction can be as much as 0.70 x original diameter, but it is wise to use as small a reduction as you can, and divide anything close to the limit into at least two separate draws. This reduces the effort required, and reduces the chance of punching out the base of the jacket being reduced.

1-in wide x .030-in thick strip
Main CaliberFinal CaliberJacket LengthWall thickness
.452.452 (1st draw)0.750-in0.015-in
.452.429 (2nd draw)0.75+ in.0.015-in
.452.355 (2nd draw)1.125-in.0.015-in
.452.308 (3rd draw)1.250-in.0.015-in
.452.284 (3rd draw)1.312-in.0.015-in
.452.277 (3rd draw)1.375-in.0.015-in
.400.400 (1st draw).925-in.0.015-in
.355.308 (2rd draw)1.0-in.0.018-in
5/8-in wide x .030-in thick strip
.224.224 (1st draw)0.700-in.0.014-in
.224.172 (2nd draw)0.875-in.0.014-in

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