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Free Swaging Documents On-Line

Corbin Manufacturing has set up a new, dedicated file server to provide free, instantly available technical documents, images, e-books, instruction manuals, and other illustrated/printed materials about bullet swaging. The server is seamlessly accessed from key words and menu choices on the main Corbin website at www.Corbins.com, as well as directly from www.Swage.com.

The new file server provides faster downloads of large illustrated documents, and permits browsing the image directory for point and click or ftp downloading of photographs and graphics. Corbin's sound files are also downloadable from a menu. Documents are in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File format (PDF) which can be viewed or printed using the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe Software.

Links from the document server to the main website servers provide quick and automatic selection of the right location. Documents referenced on the main website are stored and delivered from the separate document server, so that users of the website can simultaneously navigate through the web pages in one window while selecting and downloading technical literature or instruction sheets, catalogs, prices lists, and other documents or illustrations in another window. The new server has been assigned the IP address of www.swage.com, which was previously a mirror site for www.corbins.com. Either site may be bookmarked and will allow instant navigation to the other.

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