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Corbin Bullet Swaging E-Books

Corbin gives away FREE e-books:

Corbin Manufacturing is giving away electronic format copies of the Corbin Handbook of Bullet Swaging, No.9, free! The book is available at www.swage.com for downloading in HTML format or in PDF format. You can download a free copy of the Acrobat Reader at www.adobe.com.

HTML format is readable on any standard web browser, on virtually any computer. The book is indexed so that the first word of each chapter links back to the table of contents, and the contents titles link to chapters. Word searching and other browser functions make using electronic books for research faster than paging through printed copies.

The HTML full text of the 230 page Corbin Handbook is also viewable on-line. The company is giving away copies on-line to help acquaint more shooters with the details of bullet swaging, as well as to encourage them to visit the Corbin web site and potentially to purchase the updated HB-9-E on CD-ROM or USB memory drive, or some of Corbin's other technical books on CD-ROM or USB memory drivces.

Handloaders who wish to obtain a free copy of the book can download the file just by clicking on a link on the books page, and then using their browser FILE and SAVE TO DISK or SAVE AS... options. Later, the book can be read in HTML format simply by locating the folder or directory in which the file was saved, and then clicking the file name or entering it in the browser with a prefix of "file:///C|/folder/hb9-text.htm" where the word "folder" is replaced by the actual folder name on the handloader's computer. Note that the usual "http://www." prefix is NOT used when reading files on the local hard disk.

E-Books on CD-ROM

Corbin offers a series of electronic books on CD-ROM, in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format as well as standard HTML on the same disk. Each book comes with a free copy of the Acrobat Reader, and a self-starting menu. The book does not have to be installed on your hard drive, but can be read directly from the CD-ROM. Your regular web browser, such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, can be used to read as well as to search for words or phrases. Acrobat reader can print the book or any page from it exactly as it was created. For more information, see SOFTWARE page. For prices, see PRICES page.
Turning Ideas Into Income
A guide to setting up and operating a custom bullet business, with special emphasis on legal, marketing, and organization factors. Much of the information applies to any small business, and is based on Dave Corbin's own successes in radio communication electronics, software, and manufacturing as well as the bullet swaging field.
Corbin Handbook of Bullet Swaging, No. 9
Updated version of Handbook No. 8, greatly expanded and re-written to include new product and concept developments since the earlier version was written. In both HTML and PDF formats. A beginner's guide and experts reference that includes operating details for Corbin swage products, general principles of swaging, and how to design and produce lead and jacketed bullets.
World Directory of Custom Bullet Makers
A marketing study and guide for the custom bullet maker, the buyer of custom bullets, and journalists in the firearms field who need to deal with custom bullets. Includes listings of copper and lead suppliers, as well as lists of custom bullet makers, guides to jacket drawing, and bullet testing.
Power Swaging (Tech.Bulletins Vol.4)
Detailed technical information about the design and use of power swaging presses, including the operating guide to the Corbin Hydro Press. This book is furnished with each Hydro Press and Hydro Junior sold, and is available separately for those who wish to study the field of power swaging presses for custom bullet making, lead extrusion and jacket drawing.
Contact Information:

PO Box 2659
600 Industrial Circle
White City, OR 97503 USA

The handgun is an AMT AutoMag 22 Magnum with six inch barrel made by Arcadia Machine Tool company (no longer in business).
Plagued by quality control issues in fitting and assembly, the gun was nevertheless of excellent design and construction, and was one of the first successful autoloading 22 WMR handguns. With minor deburring of some components, it can become quite reliable with the proper ammunition. The delayed blowback action relies upon small indententations in the chamber, into which the brass case is pressed by when the gun is fired. As the chamber pressure drops, the brass case relaxes its grip in these indentations, and allows the case to eject. The fired cases have a faint pattern of small dots matching the chamber indents. The additional friction is sufficient to retard the opening without having to use a heavier slide or recoil spring. Different brands and production runs of 22 WMR ammunition can give either very reliable operation, or fail to eject and feed properly, depending on the specific metalurgy of the cartridge case. The gun actually fits into a 1911 Colt holster well enough to be carried comfortably and securely.
(From Dave Corbin's collection)

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