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Bullet Swaging Topics

 Synchronized Ejectors: Pressure-sealing and Tip Inserting ejectors
 PIN POINT Tips : Low Drag for Shorter Bullets
 CHP-T Catcher Tray: Catch extrusions, spent primers automatically
 High BC Tips : Ultra Low Drag tip inserts
 Tooling : What do I need to get?
 Delivery : How soon will dies be delivered?
 Production : How fast can I make bullets?
 LSWC-1 : Semi-wadcutter swage dies
 Round Balls : Swage perfect lead balls
 Cannelure Tool : Put cannelures where you want them
 Grooving Tool : Put lube grooves on lead bullets
 Custom Point Form Dies : High pressure, special purpose
 Punch Types : Illustrations and descriptions
 Rebated Boattail Bullets : RBT vs conventional BT or FB
 FX-1 : Bullet Repair Kit
 PCM-2 Cannelure Machine : Apply bullet, case grooves
 Make FREE 224 or 6mm jackets : RFJM Rimfire Jacketmakers
 Making Lead Bullets : When to replace casting with swaging
 Polymer Bullet Balls : Shift balance, lower weight with same length.
 Making Subsonic Bullets : Special designs and tooling
 Draw Jackets from Strip : JMK-1-S Die Set
 DC-1004 T-Plot : Terminal Ballistic Plotter
 DC-1003 Paper Patch Software : Design elliptical ogive bullets
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 PIN-POINTtm: High BC Limited Length bullets
 BC calculator : Design spitzer ogive bullets
 Corbin Bullet Puller : Safely, quickly pull 50 BMG bullets
 Twist rate calculator : Determine spin for any bullet
 Bullet Design : BC and Undersized bullet issues
 Multi-Part Stacking Bullets : How to make them
 Turning Ideas Into Income : Secrets of Marketing Success
 Extension Kit : Add 3 inches to Mega-Mite, HydroPress rods
 Light Bullets : How to make them
 Power Swaging : E-book (CD-ROM) on press design
 Bonded Core Bullets : How to make them
 Corbin Software : Bullet Engineering and Business Programs
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 Secure Server E-store -use your bank card.
 Ballistic Test Media : Protein-based synthetic tissue
 Heat Treat Oven : Benchtop 120v furnace
 Start-up Swaging : Exact items you'll want!
 Core Weight/Length Chart : Standard wire sizes
 Corbin Presses : Reloading/swaging.
 Paper Patch/lead : Blackpowder bullets.
 Benchrest : Setting world records.
 Very high power : Equipment for 50 BMG.
 What IS Swaging? : The process explained.
 The Best Way to make Bullets! : Benefits of swaging.
 Terminology Explained: Swaging terms.
 Corbin Clothing : Collectors' T-shirts, caps.
 Swaging Books: Every Swaging Book in Print conventions.
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 Bullet specs : Standard dimensions.
 Documents : Corbin papers in Acrobat format.
 Which Tools? : Tools for specific bullets.
 Corbin Swaging Products : Pictures and descriptions.
 Complete Kits! What do you need? (illustrated).
 Swaging Instructions : Details of the swaging process (illustrated).
 Make free bullets! : Turn fired .22 cases into bullet jackets.
 Make your own gas checks! : Precision gas checks in ANY caliber.
 How to make bullet jackets : Accurate jackets from common materials.
 Pro-Swage Dies : Bullet swaging in your reloading press.
 Copper tubing Jackets : Turn ordinary tubing into fine jackets.
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 Shotgun Slugs : Make fantastic shotgun slugs on the Hydro-Press.
 Reducing Dies : Change one diameter of bullet or jacket into another.
 Airgun Pellets : Swaging precision airgun pellets.
 Lead Bullets: How to swage lead bullets.
 Bullet Swaging News : Latest developments.
 Chemical Products : Lubes, cleaners, and more...
 Power Swaging Products : The equipment used by the pros.
 Press Releases : Exciting ideas for bullet design.
 Business Opportunities : Make Custom Bullets YOUR Business!
 Your Web Page, Here! : Reach new bullet customers only $20/mo.
 Advertise Here! : Only $10/mo for up to 99 words!
 Price List : Save to your hard drive: (buy direct -- no FFL required).
 Immediate Delivery List : Dies on the shelf right now.
 Specials : Items on sale now.
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 Corbin Handbook of Swaging : Over 230 pages of instructions!
 Custom Bullet Makers : Where to buy custom bullets.
 Classified Ads : Buy and Sell Custom Bullets, Used Equipment.
 Behind the Scenes... : The founder, the mission, the company...
 Troubleshooting Tips : Bullet swaging problems and cures.
 Links to Other Sites : Firearms-related sites, directories.
 Site Map : Table of contents for all Corbin web sites.
 File Download : Adobe PDF Files, tech papers.
 Core Swage : How Core Swages Work
 Privacy : Security of your information.
 Diagrams : How to swage bullets.

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