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About Ejection Pin Sizes For Point Forming Dies

Ejection pin sizes for point forming dies

These are the recomended standard ejection sizes for each caliber range. Larger ejection pins can be used on special order, but smaller ones may bend, penetrate the bullet core, and fail to eject so they are neither recomended nor warrantied, but can be made as custom die orders with the understanding that if they do not work, they are not returnable. (To make smaller open tips, use a tip closing punch in the LT-1 lead tip die to reduce the opening, or use an FX-1 two-part bullet swage die with blind cavity instead of a standard point forming die.)

CaliberPin SizeSpecial DiesPin Size
Under .142.047.510 (50 BMG).134
.142 - .224.062CTJM End Rnd Dies:
.225-.243.0721/4-in tubing.105
.244-.285.0815/16-in tubing.120
.286 - .318.0913/8-in tubing.134
.319 - .375.1051/2-in tubing.161
.400 - .458.120JMK ejector.210
.475 - .512.134.600 - .700.210

Note: Ejection pin sizes are given to nearest .001 inch. A .071 or .072 ejection pin is within the tolerance of standard spring wire sizes and either can be used interchangeably, for instance. A die marked .091 will accept an ejection pin marked ".092".

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