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About Corbin Swaging Kits

LubeSwage lube reduces friction, preserves die finish; a thin film for each stage.
PressPrecision alignment, high power, self-ejection, plus reloading capability!
DiesStandard or custom shapes, calibers; your imagination is the only limit!
CoresLead wire or core moulds, lead or lead-free: it's up to you!
JacketsThe "skin" of the bullet (optional); buy ready made or make your own
OptionsEnhance design, speed production

For step by step info for making any bullet, take a look at the Swaging Steps page. Most flat base or cup base bullets from .12 to .458 caliber, lead or jacketed, in almost any shape and lengths up to 1.3 inches, can be made with this kit, shown below:
Specify the caliber (diameter), the shape, and an approximate range of weights. The weight is adjustable with broad limits.

(If you have plenty of scrap lead you might substitute a core mould for the lead wire and core cutter. Core moulds are catalog CM-4a.)

  1. CSP-1 S-Press (comes with free reloading adapter kit)
  2. FJFB-3-S 3-die set (specify caliber, shape )
  3. LW-10 lead wire (70,000 grain spool, .125 to .365 diam)
  4. PCS-1 core cutter w/die to match above wire size
  5. CSL-2 swage lube (2-oz, goes a long way)
  6. Jackets (not shown); specify caliber, length.
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Every kind of bullet uses Corbin Swage Lube in the swaging process, to prevent sticking, reduce wear, and lower the forming and ejection pressure. Therefore, any "kit" you build will start with CSL-2 (or optionally, larger sizes such as CSL-16, pint size).


The press you need depends on (1) largest caliber, (2) hardest material, and (3) longest bullet you plan to make.

  •  From .12 to .458 caliber, with material not over Bhn 10 hardness (wheelweight or softer lead), and bullet length of 1.3 inches or less, you can normally use the Corbin CSP-1 S-press or CSP-1H Hydro-Mite press. These presses use Corbin type -S dies as well as standard reloading dies.

  •  For calibers from .172 to 1-inch cannon (25mm), with material hardness decreasing with increased diameter from Bhn 12 to Bhn 5, and bullet length not over 2.5 inches, you can normally use the Corbin CSP-2 Mega Mite press (complex finned bullets requiring greater pressure early in the stroke or bullets that need a stroke longer than 3 inches are exceptions).

  •  For any caliber, any ductile material of reasonable hardness or powdered materials (solid copper may require pre-drilled center hole), and any reasonable bullet length, you can normally use the CHP-1 Hydro-Press. (Corbin builds custom remote control presses for up to 40mm artillery assembly/disassembly, restricted to US DOD applications).

Choose the press and add this to your kit total...

CSP-1 S-Press
Swage/Reload Press
The most popular swaging press in the world. Aprox. 22 lbs, shipping weight. Steel frame torsion/compression construction, roller bearing links, industrial chromed ram, super alignment accuracy. 100,000 psi tensile strength (compared to about 40,000 for largest cast iron frame reloading presses). Comes with FREE reloading adapter.
Swage/Reload Press
Capable of reloading 50 BMG or swaging shotgun slugs, the Mega-Mite uses the same size of dies and punches (type -H) as the Hydro-Press. Shipping weight is 70 lbs. May be shipped by UPS. If purchased with the optional floor stand, total weight is 150-lbs and shipping is by motor freight (air freight, overseas).
$1398.00 (bench mount)
CHP-1 Hydro-Press
Swage/Reload Press
The press used by more than 98% of the world's custom bullet makers, 350 lbs shipping weight. Makes jackets, swages bullets, reloads ammo, extrudes lead wire...the universal reloading/swaging/extrusion press. Interfaces to automatic feeder for jacket drawing from strip metal.


Select this die for semi-wadcutter lead or Base-Guard(tm) bullets, gas-checked or paper-patch bullets, or any bullet where the nose is formed in a punch cavity and therefore there is a step or shoulder between the nose and the body (shank) of the bullet.$199.00


Select this set to make jacketed semi-wadcutter bullets (as well as lead bullets, gas-checked, Base-Guard(tm), and other bullets that can be made with the LSWC-1 die). Consists of the CSW-1 and the CS-1 dies.398.00


Choose the Full Jacket, Flat Base 3-die set for any ogive-type bullet (where the nose is formed without a step between it and the shank) with a flat, cup, dish, or hollow base (not a boattail). The ogive shape is determined by the point forming die (last die of the set). The set is composed of the core swage, core seat, and point forming dies.647.00


The Lead Tip, Flat Base die set is the same as the FJFB-3 set, with a lead tip finishing die added. This set makes open tip, full jacket, and lead tip bullets with precise tips reshaped by the lead tip die.846.00


The Rebated Boattail, Open Tip set consists of a core swage, point form, and the RBT-2 set of two core seating/reboattail forming dies. The set creates a precise rebated boattail base on open tip bullets.946.00


The Rebated Boattail, Lead Tip 5-die set consists of a core swage, point form, the RBT-2 set of two core seating/reboattail forming dies, and the lead tip forming die. The set creates a precise rebated boattail base on lead or open tip bullets.(Just don't use the LT-1 die if you make open tips with this set).1145.00


The Flat Base and Rebated Boattail, Open Tip set consists of a core swage, point form, components for flat base forming, and the RBT-2 set of two core seating/reboattail forming dies. The set creates either flat base or precise rebated boattail base on open tip bullets.1145.00


The Flat or Rebated Boattail, open or Lead tip six die (all-style) set is used when you want to be able to make almost any style, open tip, lead tip, flat base, or rebated boattail base. For open tip, you simply do not use the LT-1 die. For flat base, you do not use all the RBT dies. This is every kind of swaging die in one set.1344.00


The core needs to fit either (1) the I.D. of your chosen jacket, or (2) the bore of the die for lead bullets.

Choose the method of making your cores and add this to your kit total...

LW-10 Pure Lead Wire
Lead wire is available in 70,000 grain spools, in sizes .125, .170, .185, .218, .250, .275, .312, .340, .365, .390, and .430 inches diameter. Use sizes up to .365 with the PCS-1 core cutter, and larger diameters with the PCS-2 (which also handles smaller diameters). Fastest, easiest and most precise way to make cores. Special 0.100 diameter wire is also available at slightly higher cost.
.100 diam
PCS-1 Precision Core Cutter
Use the PCS-1 with lead wire from .125 to .365 diameter (select caliber). Mounts to your reloading bench, cuts precision lengths (adjustable).
CSP-2 Magnum Core Cutter
Choose the PCS-2 core cutter for lead wire in the .390 and .430 diameters (it will also cut smaller sizes). This is a massive tool, nearly 3 times larger than the PCS-1.
CM-4A Adjustable Core Mould
The CM-4a is available in .185, .204, .218, .247, .275, .312, .340, .365, .390 and .430 diameters. Custom sizes are available at a modest additional cost. It casts your scrap lead (Bhn 5 to Bhn 12 range) to precise weight and diameter, with adjustable volume mould cavities. Mounts on your bench (no handles required).

If you use a jacket on your bullet, it can come from these sources:

  1. Purchase Base Guards(tm) or make with BGK-1

  2. Make your own Gas Checks with GCM-1

  3. Purchase Corbin jackets

  4. Use copper tubing with CTJM-1

  5. Use copper strip with JMK-1 or JMK-2

Choose the jacket or jacket-maker and add this to your kit total...

Corbin Base Guard(tm)
Base Guards are suitable for use with LSWC-1 or JSWC-2 die sets. You can buy Base Guards(tm) in packages of 1000. Specify "BG" base punch with your die set.
JBG-30 $35.00
JBG-38 $38.00
JBG-40 $42.00
JBG-44 $42.00
JBG-45 $42.00
BGK-1-R, -M, -S, or -H
The BGK-1-R fits a 7/8-14 thread, RCBS-style reloading press. The BGK-1-M fits the discontinued CSP-3 press or the current CSP-1. The BGK-1-S fits the CSP-1 press. The BGK-1-H fits the Corbin Hydro-Press, and Mega-Mite. Specify BG base punch with your die set.
BGK-1-R $249.00
BGK-1-M $239.00
BGK-1-S $239.00
BGK-1-H $339.00
Gas Check Maker Kits
Make your own gas checks using .03-thick copper strip! Choose GCM-1-S for S-Press, GCM-1-H for Hydro Press, and Mega-Mite press. /font>
GCM-1-S $429.00
GCM-1-H $528.00
Corbin Bullet Jackets
Corbin makes high performance pistol jackets and Versatile Benchrest (VB) jackets in selected popular calibers and lengths. You can make other sizes and lengths by drawing to smaller calibers, or by trimming, with Corbin JRD-1 draw dies, or ET-1/ET-2 trim dies.

Tubing Jacket Maker Kits
You can make any caliber from 22 to 1-inch cannon with CTJM-1 jacket makers. Corbin can supply proper tubing. The end is rounded, tubing drawn to precise diameter, and the end is flattened or closed. This makes excellent big-game hunting bullets.
CTJM-1-S $508.00

CTJM-1-H $659.00
Strip Jacket Maker Kits
You can make any caliber from 12 to 600 Nitro Express with JMK-1 (manual feed) and JMK-2-H (semi-autofeed) strip jacket makers. Corbin can supply precision deep drawing grade copper strip or gilding metal in 50-lb coils or 5-lb bundles. This is just like factory drawn jackets, only better! Select photo to see parameters for -S and -H sets.
JMK-1-S $3450

JMK-1-H $3950

JMK-2-H $5950

Accessories enhance the performance of your bullet or make production easier and faster. Here are some popular accessories:

  •  Serrator Dies. These come in two types, full length (SDD-1) or ogive only (SDD-2). The full length type cuts fine grooves in the OD of the jacket and then irons the ridges raised by this furrowing operation back to size again. The ogive-only die is more complex: it serrates the jacket after the core is seated, and ejects the jacket back out again, so a variable length of the nose section can be serrated.

  •  Jacket Trim dies come in two types, the ET-1 adjustable trimmer, and the ET-2 automatic ejecting trimmer. The ET-1 has a somewhat wider range of adjustment for length, but is somewhat slower to operate. The ET-2 is faster to operate, but is tailored to suit a somewhat less wide range of length adjustments. Both are used to make shorter jackets from longer, drawn jackets.

  •  Cannelure Tools place a precise cannelure or serrated groove around the bullet, or can be used in the Lead Knurling or Grooving Tool variations to place lubrication grooves or knurls on lead bullets. Both hand and power machinery is available from Corbin.

  •  New Products: Corbin is constantly developing new products for bullet makers. You might want to review the list of press releases to see if there is anything else you'd like to add to your kit, then use your browser "back" option to come back here and finish assembling your kit.

Choose your accessories, look up the price in the PRICE LIST , and add to your kit price.

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