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About Corbin Quick-Change Punch Holder

An accessory for the Corbin CSP-1 (Series II) Swaging Press, allows for the rapid insertion and removal of components longer than 1 inch. Typically, a bullet jacket or copper tubing section that is from 1.0 to 1.25 inches long can be used to make bullets or jackets in the CSP-1 press, but using them with the short stroke (2-inch) ram required adjusting the threaded punch holder up and down on each stroke, in order to insert and remove the part. The FPH-QC-S "Quick Change" punch holder can be used to remove the punch sideways, through a window in the side of the holder, insert the component in the much longer vertical space thus created, and then slide the punch back into the holder in exactly the same position as before.

A threaded rod and large knob on top of the punch holder allows for precise adjustment of the punch, independent of the exact position of the punch holder body. This lets the operatore turn the window to the front, for easiest insertion and removal of the punch, and then compensate for the difference in vertical positioning by "fine tuning" the punch position with this knob, which sets the position of the internal threaded rod, and in turn, this controls how far the punch will be inserted into the die on each stroke.

The punch holder replaces the original adjustable floating punch holder only for those applications where long components are used. The original holder is preferred for operations where the punch does not need to be removed on each stroke.

To use the holder, install the die and punch in the press, and adjust the knob down so the punch is held securely. Insert a component and swage it, adjusting the punch holder in the usual manner so that the press reaches the end of the stroke just as the component is formed correctly. Then lower the ram and screw the punch holder down up to but not exceeding one full turn, so that the window is facing forward. Lock down the locking rings to hold the punch holder body to the press, and then back off the threaded rod, with the top knob, to restore the previous height setting of the punch. Re-insert the component and fine tune this setting, so that the punch can be moved in and out of the holder easily when the pressure is relieved and the ram is lowered.

Now, the punch can be removed "sideways", and put back again with the component in place. The locking nut on the threaded rod should be snugged up by hand, and swaging can proceed at a much faster pace than when using long components with the standard punch holder.

For further information, contact Corbin with specific requirements.

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