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About Corbin Power Swaging Software And E-Book

Power Swaging is the title of Corbin's Technical Bulletins, Volume IV, (Cat.No. TB-4), the print version of the TB-4-E E-Book. Now Corbin has published a new, updated version of TB-4-E in print form and on CD-ROM, with information about press design, die pressures, tables and formulae, and specific instructions for setting up and operating the Corbin Hydro-press.

The CD-ROM is an E-Book in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The PDF file can be viewed or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 is provided on the CD-ROM with a self-installing program for Windows operating system). The appendix at the end of the book contains additional illustrations.

Also included on the CD-ROM are close-up color photographs of the interior and top panel (controls) for the Hydro-press, and of the Mega-Mite hand press. They are in JPG, GIF and TIF formats.

The print version is in the form of a 9 x 6 snap-ring binder. It is illustrated with photos, drawings and tables, with an appendix filled with formulae and charts for determining die strength, maximum safe pressures and calculating volume of materials for different bullet shapes.

The chapters in TB-4-E are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Design of Power Swaging Systems
  3. Swaging Pressures
  4. Lead Wire Production
  5. CHP-1 Hydro-PressTM Set-Up
  6. CHP-1 Hydro-PressTM Pressure Control
  7. CHP-1 Hydro-PressTM Operation
  8. Power Jacket-Making
  9. Power Bullet Swaging
  10. Power Swaging Business Tips
  11. Production Volume
  12. Tables and Formulae

The information covers more than just the mechanics and physics of power swaging. It also discusses business planning and information based on comparisons of automatic high speed production and lower volume custom work, drawing bullet jackets, extruding lead wire, and provides tables for maximum safe die pressures, ram thrust, and conversion of oil pressure to internal die pressure for a wide range of calibers. Recommended companion software is the DC-DIES die pressure calculator CD-ROM, and the DC-LEAD extrusion and powder metal calculator CD-ROM.

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