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About Corbin Magnum Core Cutter

Lead wire is the fastest, safest, and most convenient source for bullet cores. In diameters from .125 to .365, the Corbin PCS-1 Precision Core Cutter is the most economical tool for cutting the lead wire into exact lengths (for precise weights, further refinement of weight control takes place in the Core Swage or Lead Semi-wadcutter die, through extrusion of surplus lead through bleed holes in the die). For diameters of lead wire larger than .365 (such as popular .390 or .430 diameters), the much larger PCS-2 Magnum Core Cutter is required.

The PCS-2 mounts to the reloading bench (or, for those who mount a vise on their bench, to a short piece of 2 X 4 inch wood which is then clamped in the vise). The long, padded handle should face outward, so that lead can be fed straight down from the top. A pair of dies of the proper diameter for the wire to easily pass through is mounted, one die in the top with the chamfered edge of the hole facing up, and one in the bottom bar, with the chamfered edge facing down (so that the two sharpest edge of the hole in the die pass over each other).

There is a short bar with a stop screw mounted so its flat end faces the bottom die. The bar should be adjusted and snugly locked (by means of a nut) so that the end of the stop screw touches only half of the wire diameter. This way, the cut core will not have to drag across the top of the stop screw, as it will be only half against the end of it. The stop screw can then be set so that the distance from the top edge of the lower die to the stop screw end is exactly the desired core length.

Wire is fed down with gently pressure, with one hand, as the handle is moved back and forth to chop pieces from the wire. A length of up to 24 inches can be fed down from the top, or a simple stand made of 3/4-inch water pipe can be fashioned to hold the entire spool of wire above the cutter, so the wire can be pulled off and fed directly into the cutter.

The PCS-2 is most often supplied with dies for either .390 or .430 diameter, although dies for .185, .204, .218, .250, .275, .312, .340, and .365 diameter are available, and any custom size can be made to order. For details and help with the correct diameter for any bullet, contact Corbin.

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About Corbin Core Mould