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About Corbin ET-2-S Adjustable-Length Jacket Trim Die

The Corbin ET-2-S jacket trimming die, for use in the Corbin S-Press, uses a tapered punch to expand the trimmed ring so is very lightly attached to the jacket where it can be flicked off by hand upon ejection of the jacket.

Here are some of the features and uses of the ET-2-S:

  • Jacket is the same diameter after trimming length
  • Nearly any shorter length may be obtained quickly
  • Trim takes place as punch enters the die mouth
  • Length is set with a stop screw adjustment
  • Stock jackets of a single length, use for lighter weights
  • Trim fired .22 cases (LR, Stinger, or 22 WMR) to precise length

The ET-2-S is normally used for drawn commercial jackets, made from a strip of copper or gilding metal. Copper tubing can be too difficult to pinch trim without the power of a Hydro-Press. Steel, hard brass or other unusual jacket materials should not be used without sending samples to Corbin for testing and evaluation. Corbin's .035-wall tubing generally can be pinch trimmed.

To operate, simply adjust the nut on the internal punch so that the desired length of jacket is within the die body, and the surplus to be cut off projects from the die mouth. An adjustable depth gauge is provided with the die to aid in setting correct depth of the internal punch. Simply set the gauge for desired length, and then hold it in the die and bring the internal punch to touch the end of the gauge. A hex wrench is provided to turn the punch while you hold the nut with a box end wrench.

The external (tapered) punch pushes the jacket into the die. When the jacket head comes up against the end of the internal punch, the tapered punch is driven further into the jacket mouth, expanding it. The expanded portion is pinched nearly through against the hard die mouth. The surplus material is left on the punch as a cone of expanded metal that can be lifted off easily, or it is left very lightly attached to the jacket by a thin film, which separates easily by hand. Ejection of the finished jacket is done when the ram is lowered.

This trim method is faster and more precise than using a separate cutting tool such as might be found in a lathe or other rotating machine tool. Push the jacket in, press on the die handle, and the job is finished. As long as your jacket has an OD that is the same as ours, we can use our jackets and supply a standard tool. If your jackets have unusual outside diameter, they may not work with the standard die. Send a few sample jackets to make sure. The jacket must drop easily into the die but not be "loose" to the point of rattling around inside it. A 30 caliber jacket is typically about .3065 inches in outside diameter (jackets normally are expanded to size when the core is seated). The die is therefore made for the industry standard jacket diameter, rather than the final bullet size.

The ET-2-S can be used in a Mega-Mite hand press (CSP-2) or Hydro Press (CHP-1) with an adapter kit. In fact the ET-2-H consists of the adapter plus an ET-2-S, so you can use the same die in all Corbin presses. The ET-2KIT is the adapter by itself. You can use one adapter kit with any number of ET-2-S dies, so once you have a single ET-2-H you can then add ET-2-S dies for other calibers and use the adapter that came with the first ET-2-H die.

For jackets longer than 1-5/8 inches or larger than .458 caliber (diameter), select the ET-2-HC custom die, which only fits the larger CSP-2 or CHP-1 press. This die is made for a longer adjustment range, and for the longer stroke presses. It does not use an adapter and will not fit the smaller presses. This is a "magnum" version of the trim die, and is also suitable for thicker walled, larger caliber jackets.

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