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About Corbin Early CM-3 and CM-4 Core Moulds

Early CM-3 and CM-4 Core Moulds
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The CM-3 was built in .312, .340, .365, .390, .430, .500, .600, .700 and custom diameters.

The CM-4 was made in .185, .218, .247, .275, .312, .340, and .365 diameters.

(The CM-4a replaces both earlier styles and is available in the entire range of diameters.)

A few were made in other sizes to special order. Normally it isn't economical or practical to use a core mould for cores smaller than .185 (although a few .170 moulds have been produced). Lead wire is so economical in the small sizes that even free lead would cost more in time and effort to cast compared to just snipping off a bit of wire from a 70,000 grain spool.

See trouble-shooting tips for CM-4a mould, which also apply to the early CM-4 and CM-3.

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