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About Corbin CSP-C Handle Retainer Assembly

An easily-installed accessory for the CSP-1 (S-PressTM) Swaging and Reloading Press, the CSP-C handle retainer assembly holds the press handle firmly in the upright position, so you can jostle the loading bench or insert dies or punches into the press without any risk of the press handle falling. This positive retention in no way interferes with the normal operation of the press. It merely adds a positive "click-in" feel at the end of the stroke.

To install this optional component, loosen and remove the handle nut, then remove the handle. Place the steel frame of the retainer clip assembly on top of the toggle block, so that its mounting hole aligns with the hole in the block from which the handle was just removed. Then replace the handle, passing it through this hole in the clip assembly. Tighten the handle nut again, using a 15/16-inch box end wrench, and the assembly is complete.

The CSP-C is designed so it works with either left or right hand installations of the handle. To mount on the opposite side, the curved spring steel retainer clip itself must be unscrewed from the mounting bracket and turned around so it faces the other side of the bracket. The curved spring clip snaps around the press ram, below the flat anti-twist stabilizing plate.

The heavy blued-steel mounting bracket has been designed so that the handle anti-rotation key will pass through a slot on either side of the bracket mounting hole, depending on whether the bracket is used on the left or right side of the press. In either case, the assembly mounts on top of the toggle. The CSP-C is available on the secure shopping cart (on-line store), and can be purchased safely on-line using a bank card. Units are kept in stock for immediate delivery.

Note: All current CSP-1 S-presses are equipped with a handle retaining clip on a center-mounted angle bracket, and do not require the CSP-C retro-fit. Earlier presses which did not have this feature can benefit by adding this accessory.
Other Optional Accessories include:

  • CSP-S Floor Stand. Self-supporting heavy duty steel floor stand with mounting bolt holes for either the CSP-1 or CSP-2 press. Tough wood fiber deck puts your own weight into the system so you are the anchor; no holes in the floor, no braces required for solid reliable operation. (Truck shipment only, 150-lbs).

  • FPH-QC-S Quick Change Punch Holder. Rapidly change punches when using very long bullets, copper tubing, or jackets. Slip the punch in and out sideways to load and unload components instead of screwing the holder up and down each time.

  • CSP-A Hardened Anvils. Use the CSP-1 as a high powered arbor press with these two screw-in anvil heads. One fits the floating punch holder, and the other fits the press ram, providing two flat surfaces to push pins, bearings, gun sights, crack walnuts (whatever).

  • FPH-1-S Floating Punch Holder. One comes with the press, but you may find a spare useful to set up and quickly change to another operation, leaving the punch in place and changing the holder.

For prices, see the current Price List.

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