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About Corbin CSP-2SH Side Roller-Bar Press Handle

The CSP-2SH Side Roller-Bar Handle for the CSP-2 Mega-Mite press is now shipped as standard on current presses, and is also available as an option for presses shipped with the earlier high-torque "long" handle (CSP-2LH), which was formerly the standard handle.

The new handle assembly is about half the length of the long handle, and is equipped with a sturdy horizontal roller bar grip. The handle can be mounted on the left or right side of the press, and the roller bar grip can then be unscrewed and mounted in the opposite direction so it projects away from the press. The handle has a hard key that slips into a notch or keyway slot on either the left or right mounting hole, in the toggle. It is held securely by a large nut.

If not otherwise specified with your order, the press will ship with the CSP-2SH. This handle is adequate for reloading and most swaging operations, and requires less physical movement of the arm and body than the long handle. For maximum power, the long handle delivers about twice the leverage or mechanical advantage, but is more tiring to use for long production runs. Bullet makers can own both handles and change them depending on the kind of work to be done.

Although the longer handle can be gripped lower and operated with the same mathematical leverage as the short handle, in order to avoid bending down or reaching so far with each stroke, the horizontal mounting position of the roller bar grip makes it seem as if the shorter handle is nearly equal in leverage to the long one.

The ease of operation, speed, and convenience provided by this shorter handle has prompted early users to offer enthusiastic endorsement. A different set of arm muscles comes into play when applying effort to the horizontal grip, as compared to holding the vertical expanded foam grip of the longer handle.

The handles can be changed in a matter of minutes with a box end or open end wrench to loosen and then re-secure the handle mounting nut. The optional "long" handle (CSP-2LH) continues to fill a need for those jobs which require maximum leverage, such as swaging 12 gauge slugs or forming 50 BMG jackets from copper tubing. Most reloading operations, such as reloading the 50 BMG or smaller calibers, benefit from the use of the shorter handle.

Options for the press include arbor press anvils (which convert the punch holder and the ram for benchrest-type non-threaded reloading dies), a quick change floating punch holder, jacket and bullet reducing dies, bullet swaging dies, jacket making dies for copper tubing or for flat strip, and a self-supporting floor stand.

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