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About Corbin CSP-2LH Long Handle

The CSP-2LH long handle for the Mega Mite press provides about twice the leverage as the side roller-bar handle, with a trade-off in the length of reach required for each stroke. This handle is recommended as an accessory for doing those jobs where the convenience of the shorter handle does not make up for the need for a little more power.

The operating handle can be used for left or right hand operation. You may specify either handle with the press, or purchase either handle as an optional add-on item. If not otherwise specified with your order, the press will ship with the side roller-bar handle, CSP-2SH.

This handle is good for reloading and most swaging operations, and requires less physical movement of the arm and body than the long handle. It is recommended for people with back problems or limited mobility.

The handle can be changed in minutes by unscrewing a single large nut, removing the handle from the toggle bar (a light tap or two with a plastic mallet will break it loose from the toggle bar), and inserting the new handle so that the hardened key aligns with the keyway slot, in either the left or the right hand mounting hole. Long handles may be purchased on the secure shopping cart or by e-mail. See price list at www.Corbins.com/prices.htm.

Most of the earlier photographs of the CSP-2 press are shown with the long handle installed, because this was the standard handle since the introduction of the press, over a decade ago. The short handle with the roller side-bar grip was developed thanks to the prompting of two good customers, Mr. Maxwell Dunlevy, founder of Black Hole Bullets, and Mr. Chappie Gennett of Genco Specialty Ammunition - thank you, gentlemen!

We liked the idea so well that we decided to make this handle the "standard" instead of the long handle, which gives the user more of a work-out as far as the amount of reach required to operate it (effort in terms of force applied is about half that of the short handle, but perceived effort because of the reach required is higher than the math would indicate). You can decide which handle you want to have shipped with the press, or you can have the best of both worlds and order the second handle as an accessory item. The cost of the press is the same either way.

Options for the press include arbor press anvils (which convert the punch holder and the ram for benchrest-type non-threaded reloading dies), a quick change floating punch holder, jacket and bullet reducing dies, bullet swaging dies, jacket making dies for copper tubing or for flat strip, and a self-supporting floor stand.

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About Corbin CSP-2SH Side Roller-Bar Press Handle