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About Corbin CHP-B2 1.25x12 to 1.50x12 Adapter

CHP-B2 Adapter Bushing

This adapter bushing adapter bushing converts the head of the Mega-Mite CSP-2 press, or the Hydro-Press, to accept large diameter reloading dies from RCBS (and other manufacturers) that have a 1-1/4 inch by 12 tpi thread.

The difference in diameter between the 1-1/2 inch and 1-1/4 inch holes is only .25 inches. This is further divided into two for the bushing walls, leaving only .125 inches. In order to produce a high strength bushing, the threads are synchronized so that the peak of the outside thread matches the root of the inside. Also, the bushing is machined from D2 tool steel, hardened and tempered. (Normal bushings are made from C1018 or a similar and are not hardened).

The bushing is strong enough for reloading and sizing .50 BMG cases. It is made with 1/4-inch pin spanner holes in the top ring, so that a standard drive "pin wrench" or simply a piece of hardened 1/4-inch steel rod can be used to snug up the bushing, or loosen it for removal after use. The retraction pin that comes with the larger Corbin presses is ideal for this purpose, being 1/4-inch hardened spring steel. The top ring is also machined with two wrench flats, so that one can use a standard adjustable wrench to loosen the bushing for removal from the press.

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