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About Corbin Chemical Products

Chemical Products for Shooters and Bullet Makers.

Corbin Swage Lube,
CSL-2 (2-oz)
CSL-16 (pint)
Corbin Swage Lube (CSL) is a clean, semi-solid paste that can be applied with the fingers or a cloth pad to bullets, jacket material, lead wire, or cartridge cases. It washes off with hot water and soap, as well as most organic solvents, leaves no residue, is clear and pleasant to use, and is made of 100-percent natural ingredients of cosmetic grade, including highly refined lanolin and castor oil. Corbin Swage Lube forms a tough film between the die and the part being formed, and withstands very high pressures without dieseling (unlike most common oil-based lubes, which detonate at swaging pressures). It is not a "bullet lube" for shooting down the bore: it is a forming lube that serves to protect the dies and tools, extend their life and prevent corrosion when they are not being used.

Core Bond

CCB-2 (2-oz)
CCB-16 (pint)
CCB-128 (gallon)
Corbin Core Bond is the "secret ingredient" behind 90% of the successful custom hunting bullets on the market today! It lowers the surface tension of lead and dissolves away oxides and carbonates on the surface of both lead and copper or brass, allowing the molten core to penetrate into the jacket material and form an inseparable bond.

To use Core Bond, first swage the cores to weight and shape, and then drop them into the jackets. Place two drops of Core Bond in the jacket, and heat it with a torch until the lead melts. Let it cool. Boil in hot water with a tablespoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) added per quart of water. Allow to dry. The core and jacket are permanently bonded, so the bullet could be turned inside out upon impact and still retain nearly 100 percent of its weight. New Formula! Activates by heat, low activitity at room temp means CCB can be shipped by air now! Available at last for export. For details on bonding, select Core Bonding Instructions.

Bore Lap

CBL-4 (4-oz)
CBL-16 (pint)
Corbin Bore Lap is used to polish and condition either a new barrel, to remove tool marks and burrs, or to repair a rusted or badly fouled older barrel by removing foreign matter. Unlike most abrasive lap compounds, Corbin's synthetic sapphire uses flat plates of about 30 to 40 micron diameter, which tend to pack tightly against the bore with their flat sides toward the rifling. Their edges then pry and cut off anything that projects from the surface, while the smooth sides slide along the surface and follow the rifling with far less wear than even some popular bore cleaners. To use it, apply to a cotton patch, wrap the patch around a 1-caliber undersized brass brush, and stroke one pass through the barrel by going two inches forward and pulling one inch back until the patch emerges.


MSL-11 (11-oz)
Molly Spray Lube is a dry-film bullet lubricant for lead bullets. It is applied from a pressurized spray can directly onto lead swaged bullets, allowed to dry 15-20 minutes before loading. MSL-11 leaves a dry, dark color film bonded to the surface of the lead bullet to help prevent fouling and leading of the barrel at moderate speeds appropriate for soft lead bullets.

Contains molybdenum disulphide in aromatic carrier. Spray is highly flammable: do not use around open flames. Use only in well ventillated areas. Apply sparingly in a light spray: do not soak the bullets or allow to drip. A thin film is more effective than a heavy build-up, which will be scraped off when the bullet is seated. One can provides sufficient coating for several thousand bullets when properly applied.

Bore Cleaner

CBC-4 (4-oz)
CBC-16 (pint)
CBC-128 (gallon)
Corbin Benchrest Bore Cleaner has been used by top shooters at Camp Perry and Wimbledon for over two decades. It is one of the "little known secrets" of the firearms trade, and is found in very few stores or retail outlets (only the very top specialty gun stores seem to know about it). It uses a mechanical prying action, of millions of tiny (15-20 micron) levers to lift and pry fouling of any composition from the bore. Since it does not rely on chemical reaction (the material is inert, with an oil base carrier), the type of fouling does not matter.

Plastic, lead, copper, brass, even excess build-up of molybdenum disulfide from shooting too many "moly coated" bullets, can all be removed down to the steel barrel by stroking two inches forward, one back, until the patch and 1-caliber undersize brass brush around which the patch is wrapped emerge from the barrel (clean from breech if possible). Then wipe the bore with Corbin Five-Star Gun Oil to wipe out the bore cleaner, and you have the cleanest possible barrel.


Atomized copper powder is available for experiments in lead free bullet making, and for production of frangible bullets. Corbin provides CUP-8 (8-oz or 3500 grain bottle), CUP-64 (4 lb or 28,000 grain bottle), and CUP-100 (100 pound drum) container sizes. The powder is micro-fine water atomized copper. It can be compressed to form copper bullets, mixed with other powder metals and binders, and used as the core of a jacketed fragmenting bullet. For more specific information, check the powder metals page. Prices are found on the PRICE LIST.

Five Star
Gun Oil

FSO-16 (pint)
Want in on an industry secret? You pay more for the little 1-3/4 to 4 ounce oil cans than you do for the oil inside! We offer the highest quality ISO-15 non-gumming gun oil in pint size containers. It is better than the typical gun oils and you don't pay for up to eight expensive printed metal cans every time you use a pint. Also known as lathe spindle oil and sewing machine oil, depending on how it is marketed, the finest quality light oil is what you get at a price far below retail. Stock up! Refill those expensive little cans yourself and save. Prices

Pure Lead
Pure lead wire is available in .100, .125, .185, .218, .247, .275, .312, .340, .365, .390, and .430 diameter. Take a 10% discount for purchasing four spools of a single diameter at the same time (packaged four to a carton). Corbin Lead Wire is wound on custom 6.5-inch diameter flanged spools with a 3.5-inch diameter core size (min. winding diameter) for kink-free, smooth feeding. The spindle hole is 0.75-inches, so you can mount the spools on a 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch pipe stand. Spool height is 4.25 inches, and weight for any size is 70,000 grains (11-pound gross shipping weight). For more specific information, check the lead bullet page. For prices, click Price List.

Ballistic Media
SIM-TEST is Simulated Animal Muscle Tissue Ballistic Test Media. It is a lab-grade bullet testing material, made of beef protein and other ingredients, that has a remarkable ability to simulate the performance of live animal tissue. It melts over boiling water and can be poured and cast into plastic or metal moulds or bread pans, and is stable at room temperature without having to be refrigerated. Use it over and over. May be cut with a piano wire stretched on a hacksaw frame. Available in 10 lb and 60 lb packages. For more info, see SIM-TEST page.

Draw Lube
Corbin Jacket Draw Lube is used primarily in the JMK-2-H jacket drawing kit, in the automatic strip feed system (which has a roller lubrication system that coats both sides of the strip with a thin film of lube). It is a pure, non-petroleum, non-flammable lubricant in liquid form. It can be used for swaging and drawing operations as well, but is ideal for making bullet jackets from copper or brass alloys. Supplied in 16-ounce (pint) bottles.

Diamond Edge
Corbin Diamond Edge Sharpening Fluid is a coolant and stone dressing which adds micro-fine diamond particles to the surface of honing and sharpening stones, for a finer edge in less time. Sharpens tool bits, knives, razors, and other steel edge tools with less effort.

Discovered as a result of diamond lapping precision swage dies, the sharpening fluid was first used by die makers to put a fine edge on their own personal knives. The coolant flushes swarf from the stone's surface, keeps the edge cool and adds the hardness of diamond to the pores of the standard "Arkansas" sharpening stone. See prices or order on SwageDies.com.

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