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About Corbin Center Fired Case To Bullet Jacket Converter

Turn Fired Center-Fire Cases into Bullet Jackets!

Jackets for 308 rifle bullets can be made from fired 9mm cartridge cases with this draw die set. The quality of bullet is reasonable for hunting and informal shooting, and it uses materials that can reduce the cost of the bullet to zero, especially when the core is formed from reclaimed range lead. The set can be ordered for the S-press (C2J-1-S) or for the CSP-2 Mega Mite or the Hydro Press (C2J-1-H). For the Hydro-Press (and Mega Mite), other combinations of cases and jackets can be drawn, such as a 40 cal case to a .44 jacket (.429 cal), or similar conversions.

The set comes with a core seating punch made to fit the ID of the jacket. The length of core should be such that the punch can reach and compress it. Too short of a core will result in the punch contacting the thicker, tapered section of the jacket and failing to expand the jacket properly (and it may stick on the punch). Too long of a core will result in lead spurting out around the punch, and again, an improperly expanded (undersized) jacket due to lack of sufficient pressure. With a core length in the right length range, the case will expand to fit in the core seating die. If the punch sticks on the jacket even though the core is near the jacket mouth, try using lube on the core seating punch and little or no lube on the OD of the jacket. Also try holding pressure for a second or two at the top of the stroke to help expand the jacket. Bear in mind that the base of the case is nearly solid brass, and won't expand under reasonable pressure, so the base may tend to be slightly undersized. This is not harmful if the main body of the bullet is fully expanded (think of a boattail bullet -- the base is always smaller than the shank).

These "survival grade" jackets are NOT benchrest quality, nor are they suitable for making a rebated boattail bullet in most cases due to the very solid base area. Attempts to do so may break the RBT punch or die. Use caution when experimenting with these jackets as compared to what normally works with a commercial drawn jacket. With common sense applied, the cartridge case jacket can be fun to use and a money saving expedient as well.

Here is the procedure:

  • Prepare the case
    1. First, remove the primer from the case
    2. Next, anneal the case by heating it to 950-1200 degrees F briefly
    3. When the case has cooled, lubricate it lightly with Corbin Swage Lube
  • Draw the jacket
    1. Install the draw punch in the press ram.
    2. Install the draw die in the press head.
    3. Lubricate the draw punch with Corbin Swage Lube.
    4. Place the empty, annealed, lubricated case over the punch.
    5. Adjust the die so the cases pass through the die easily at the top of the stroke.
    6. The cases are now converted into .308 caliber jackets!

Other cartridges can also be converted to jackets. Rimless or semi-rimmed cartridges are easier to convert than rimmed cases. The primer must be removed to drop the required forming pressure to a safe level, and the case must be heated to a faint red glow to anneal it. It is not necessary to drop the case in water or to hold the heat for any particular length of time.

Examples of other conversions might be:

  • 45 ACP to .416, .400, or .375 short rifle jackets
  • 40 S&W Auto to .375, .358, or .338 rifle jackets
  • 380 ACP to short .32 or .30 rifle jackets
  • 32 ACP to short 7mm, .270, .264 or .257 jackets

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