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About Corbin Bullet Pricing Software

Establishing reasonable yet profitable pricing for dealer, distributor and retail clients for your custom bullets is made easier with this automatic Bullet Pricing Calculator on CD-ROM. It's easy to make mistakes and forget about hidden costs, but the DC-SALES bullet pricing software remembers and makes sure you include both labor and material factors, such as the bullet box, the label, any inserts or special bullet materials, and the replacement cost of your time for packaging and making the bullets. Click for instructions.

DC-SALES runs on any Windows operating system including XP, NT, 2000, and 95/98. The CD-ROM has a simple, self-starting menu that asks if you want to run the program directly from the CD-ROM with no installation required, or if you want to install it on your hard drive. It also offers to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, which it uses to display or print a bullet box label that fits the Corbin bullet packaging (charcoal foam insert pads in a triple end wall display/shipping box, for 25 to 50 bullets of any caliber up to and including the 50 BMG).

The software can also calculate the price of a core based on the core material price per pound and number of grains used in making a bullet, the cost of a bullet jacket based on the material price per pound and grain weight of the jacket, and the total cost of the bullet material as well as the cost of labor to form a single bullet and a box of bullets with your selection of bullet count. Calculates the actual cost of a box of bullets, the retail price at your indicated markup, and the dealer and distributor pricing at standard or any other discount structure. At the price, no bullet maker should be without a copy to help set realistic, profitable pricing that includes all the costs and allows for future labor expenses for the one-person shop.

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