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About Corbin Base Guard Kit

The Base Guard disk attaches to the base of a swaged lead bullet, and cleans the fouling from the bore with each shot. Eliminate the need for jackets, or lubrication. Drop the BG disk into a LSWC-1-M or LSWC-1-S swage die, put in a piece of lead wire, and swage. The finished, ready-to-load bullet emerges with the BG disk attached firmly, yet so it can rotate with the rifling separately from the bullet.

To make this a complete bullet-swaging package, add the LSWC-1-M or the LSWC-1-S .458 with 1-E nose and BG base punch included. (LSWC-1-M fits CSP-3 or CSP-1 press. LSWC-1-S fits CSP-1 press). Then add a roll of lead wire (LW-10) in .390 or .430 diameter, a PCS-2 core cutter, and CSL-2 Corbin Swage Lube. If you do not have a swaging press, consider the Corbin CSP-1 All-Steel Roller Bearing press, which can handle the heaviest reloading and swaging jobs with type -M, -S, or -R dies.

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