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About Corbin Airgun Slug Options

If you order a PF-1-SP or PF-1-HP swage die, the only parameter that you must specify is the diameter and the type of base desired. Other parameters such as minimum and maximum weight, hollow point diameter at top and bottom of the cavity, depth of the hollow point, the width of the bullet nose (meplat), and hollow or cup base dimensions can be specified if you wish to order a custom set. Any of these features which are not specified will be made to Corbin's "standard" dimensions as listed in the following chart. The dimensions and diameters listed are "standard" priced dies. Changes from these are custom die sets.

You can order by specifying just the caliber, if you want to receive a "most popular" standard set of parameters for the base, ogive, and meplat.

Standard Caliber, Ogive, Ejector (Meplat) Specs

This chart lists calibers for which we currently have tooling and specifications, and therefore consider as "standard". Other calibers (diameters) can be ordered as custom work, since reamers and laps must be made for different diameters or shapes. If you do not specify base or nose configuration, then the closest "standard" sizes will be used.

We will make changes as champion shooters provide us with their feedback, making improvements as evidence accumulates. Precision shooting is a dynamic field with constant new information, experimental results, techniques and improved gun designs. Corbin is constantly working with top shooters and bullet makers to provide cutting edge tooling for all of our clients. This chart gives you a good starting point.

CaliberOgiveMeplatHP baseHP tipHP length

Standard Ejection Pin Diameters

The following chart lists caliber ranges and ejection pin sizes most commonly used for them. The ejection pin is also the insert rod, held by a set screw in the internal punch head. It forms the end or tip of the bullet, which is called the "Meplat". Thus, the diameter of the meplat is the same as that of the ejection pin in the synchronized length PF-1-SP and PF-1-HP dies.

Hollow points (HP) are made by extending the length of the pin and turning down the end to at least 0.020 inches smaller. You can specify any of the standard diameters of ejection pins that are appropriate for a given caliber. If you stay within the suggested sizes, ejection of the bullet may be more reliable. Tiny pins on large calibers tend to penetrate the lead and make the bullet "stick". And of course the pin diameter cannot be larger than the caliber (if it is the same size, the die becomes a straight hole cylinder with no ogive or nose at all). The larger the ejection pin in relation to caliber, the shorter becomes the nose length for a given ogive curve. Just basic geometry!

Available Ejection Pin Diameters

The following is a list of the available size ejection pins (PUNCH-SI insert rod) which also forms the width of the bullet or slug tip (called the "Meplat"). Not every size is appropriate for reliable ejection of every caliber, of course. You can select any of these without custom charges.

The diameter of the ejection pin is the maximum size for any hollow point diameter, since the HP is made by turning down the end of this pin and allowing that portion to project into the die cavity, so that the bullet tip forms around it. A flat tip (abbreviated "FT" or "FN" for Flat Nose) is simply the diameter of the ejector, cut off flush with the end of the die cavity (no reduced HP projecting tip on it).

You should allow at least .020 difference between the ejection pin diameter and the hollow point diameter. This provides 0.010 inches (minimum) of thickness around the hollow point, so that it does not form a ragged, easily damaged paper-thin edge at the tip. It is mechanically possible to simply extend the length of the ejection pin into the die cavity, and make that size of hollow point, but the edge will be extremely fragile.
Ejection pin (meplat)
(Diam., Inches)
Maximum HP
(Diam., Inches)

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