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About Corbin 6mm Benchrest Jacket

Corbin now offers a 6mm (.243) Versatile Benchrest(tm) bullet jacket with an over-all length of 1.023 inches, and a full 0.3 inch section from the mouth toward the shank that has parallel walls of 0.0115 inch thickness. The long, parallel front end allows the bullet maker to vary the weight over a wide range (80-120 grains) without having to use different diameter core seating punches.

The high precision, benchrest quality jacket can easily be trimmed to .825 or other shorter lengths using a Corbin ET-1 or ET-2 trim die. By stocking one jacket length, a bullet maker can cut his inventory cost and make bullets for the popular fast-twist barrels (1000-yard 90-120 grain RBT designs) as well as conventional 65-85 grain bullets.

Full specifications of the new jacket are available on Corbin's document server www.Swage.com. Included are the inside diameters at various points along the bullet length, for fitting to core seating punches and for core size to the jacket bottom.

The jackets are available in packages of 250, or in bulk box and carton quantity. For current pricing, see Corbin Price List or the secure web store at www.SwageDies.com.

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