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About Corbin 50 BMG Primer Tool

A new primer tool for the 50 BMG cartridge is now available from Corbin Manufacturing. The tool fits into the ram of any Corbin press that takes the type -H dies (CSP-2 Mega-Mite, and CHP-1 Corbin Hydro Press).

The tool comes with Corbin's SH-50 precision hardened steel 7/8-14 threaded shell holder. The shell holder goes into an adapter, which screws directly into the 1 inch by 12-thread/in ram, like a swage die. An angled port hole at the lower portion of the adapter drops spent primers into a separate tray that surrounds the ram with 100 percent accuracy (no primers bounce out). An adjustable punch fits into the press ram, and seats a new primer at the bottom of the stroke.

Thus, you can put the depriming/sizing die in the press head, lube and size the case and decap it, then lower the ram part way, slip the case out and deburr and clean the pocket, slip it back in and lower all the way to seat a new primer. This is without removing or changing the position of any of the tools except the position of the ram.

A hardened sleeve fits into the adapter body, reducing the size of the primer hole for seating new primers. The sleeve can be easily removed so that spent primers drop through more quickly for depriming separately, if desired. Sleeves are available as spare parts, as are the SH-50 shell holders.

The shell holder can be used with the priming tool in place for all other operations. If you wish, you can unscrew the adapter and remove the primer seating punch assembly, so that subsequent operations do not reseat the primer (although, once seated, the punch would only have an effect on a primer that was protruding slightly, and would reseat it properly). This is a "set it and forget it" device that is just as useful as a ram extension for reloading as it is for priming. The commercial grade shell holder comes with the tool, and is usable separately. It has 7/8-14 threads. The shell holder is also available separately, Cat.No. SH-50.

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