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About Corbin 1.431-Inch Long .405 Bullet Jackets

A new jacket now available from Corbin is the J-40-143, for .405/.408 caliber. The jackets weight 120 grains, with an over-all length of 1.431 inches. Wall thickness near the mouth is .030-inches. Wall thickness near the base is 0.035-inches, and the base thickness is .040 inches. The jackets are sold in packages of 250 (see prices.htm for pricing).

The purpose of these long, heavy wall jackets is to provide bullet makers with a convenient, ready-made source of bullet jackets for .412, .411, .410, .408 and other bullets in the same general diameter, and also to use as a universal starting point for redrawing to make .375, .366 (9.3mm), .358, .348, and .338 rifle bullet jackets. The jackets can be reduced using a JRD-1-S or JRD-1-H draw die (maintaining the same .030 wall thickness), or the jacket walls can be thinned at the same time by using a JRD-2-S or JRD-2-H draw die. Because of the length, the CHP-1 or CSP-2 press is recommended over the CSP-1 for one-pass jacket reduction, especially with jacket wall thinning at the same time.

Lead wire which fits these jackets is available from Corbin in 70,000 grain spools, packaged on a spool for easy feeding. The wire size to use is 0.312-inch diameter, which can be swaged to about .325-.330 to fit into the original jacket diameter for various 40 caliber rifles. You can order securely on-line at SwageDies.com or E-mail your order today. Visa/MC welcome!

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