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Prices are subject to change without notice. Corbin makes every effort to avoid price increases, and is proud of nearly half a century of world recognition for high quality of worksmanship and reasonable pricing.

We know you want the best, or you would not be ordering from Corbin. Corbin products are made in the USA by highly skilled American machinists and die-makers.

  • Bank card payments have a 3.5% processing fee added by the card company.

  • Wire transfers are required by the card processing service for sales of over $300 to locations outside the USA. Wire transfer/export documentation fee is $30 (flat rate).

  • Shipments which require export packaging, customs documents, certificates of origin, or certified pallets and heat treated wood bracing or packaging will include an export packaging and document preparation fee. Depending on the amount of amount of paperwork, number and size of packages and material involved, this ranges from $35 to $450.

Fees charged by financial institutions (bank card fees, PayPal fees, bank wire fees, etc.) are not refundable.

Returns and cancelled completed orders which are ready to ship are subject to 15% restocking or completed labor fee.

Changes to pending orders may incur additional costs as a result of work already completed prior to the change.

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