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Corbin Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
PO Box 2659
White City, OR 97503 USA

Contact: Dave Corbin, CEO
Phone: 541-826-5211
Mon-Thur 09:00-12:00, 14:30-18:00

Dave Corbin Corbin Die-Works
  1. New primer/extrusion catcher tray for CSP-2 or CHP-1 -- faster production, less mess.
  2. New J-50-177, J-45-580, J-70-130, J-26-125, J-32-470 jackets -- see list of new bullet jackets available.
  3. Improved steel base CSP-2 press. Tensile strength increased from 80,000 to over 100,000 psi.
  4. ULD Metal Bullet Tips -- available for ULD ogive bullets in the .284 to .510 caliber range for ultra-high BC, ultra-low-drag bullets.
  5. Rimfire Jacket Maker improved version for 243 caliber using fired 22 cases, for -H and -S type presses.
  6. New book: "Turning Ideas Into Income", 20 year study of the custom bullet field, marketing, business philosophy that works for this field, etc. 224 pages.
  7. Improved, lower price with more features: CSP-1H Hydro-Mite Click for details

For immediate delivery items, see Specials on web store.

Here's the current production status:

  1. We have handgun caliber 3-die sets in stock, in both -S and -H type. The FJFJB-3-H .355 3/4-E is extremely popular these days, since it makes bullets for 9mm, .380 ACP, .38 Super (or Super .38, if you are an old-timer like me) and a few other calibers that use this diameter including the old .38 Rimless Smokeless or .38 Auto. The 3/4-E ogive is usually best for feeding in any autoloader. But we have the TC (truncated conical) shape also, which uses an angle rather than curve and therefore allows for a somewhat lighter bullet in the same length. Also available are .357/.38, .40, some .41, .429 (44 Mag/Special), and .452. For how long? Probably until they sell out again!

  2. .224, .243, .264, .284, .308, .338 and some .510 (50 BMG) die sets are available from stock! See the immediate delivery list link, above, for details. They might sell out before I have a chance to remove this note, though, so don't yell at me if you wait too long to order! I'm doing my best to keep the websites up to date (all 4 of them, combined total of several hundred pages!). I see that the diemakers just finished a few extra .243, .284, .264, .277, and .257 die sets. E-mail if you are interested in any of these calibers. I have a few in both -H and -S type but more in the -S size for the CSP-1 presses.

  3. Also, we have just a couple of extra sets in the ULD-TIP style in both .510 (50 BMG) and in .308. These are 4-die sets (RBTO-4-H in both calibers, RBTO-4-S in the .308 size only). You can also ADD the PF-1-HT or the PF-1-ST hybrid ogive ULD-TIP die to an existing set regardless of its nose shape, and instantly convert it to the ULD-TIP style! No additional parts other than the tip inserts are needed now. We've eliminated the use of the two pre-forming punches, reducing the cost by $100! What else costs LESS when it is new and improved?

  4. The KIT-224R bullet making kits are now in stock for immediate delivery! These are complete packages of all the tools you need to make FREE .223/.224 bullets using your standard reloading press, including the RFJM-22R rimfire jacket maker, the CS-1-R 224 core seater, the PF-1-R 224 point form die, CSL-2 swage lube, HB-9e Swaging Handbook on CD-ROM, and CM-4a .185 core mold, for $833.

  5. New! Increased strength steel frame and base CSP-2 Mega Mite Press are in stock now, at a lower price than most cast-frame presses capable of 50 caliber reloading! Call, fax, email or place your order on the secure shopping cart before they are all sold again. This heavy duty press is often used for reloading 50 BMG with its 6-inch stroke. It can make bullets from .172 to 25mm, and draw copper strip into cups and jackets, as well as forming copper tubing into jackets in the 3-inch stroke it with other presses on the PRESS page.

    • Folks sometimes ask when the presses will be ready again so they can order at that time. The problem is, other people are placing orders every day, so that sometimes every press we started building will be spoken for, before we have the first one finished! We might think that making 100 more will tide us over and give us some time to work on other products, and two months into a three month production run we'll already have 150 orders booked for them! So next time we plan on making 200 presses, and the demand may have increased again, taking all of them again before they are done.

      When is the best time to order? AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE!

      The order goes into the queue, is written up and put in the stack for the diemakers to fill, and you absolutely WILL get one as soon as more are made. If you wait, who knows? If I knew what the demand was going to be in three months, I'd make enough to handle it. But we make other products and need to move along with them, also. When do you pay? -when the press is ready to ship! No risk in having an order pending.

  6. Hydro Presses. Now shipping within 10 days. The console (operator controls and top panel of the press) has been redesigned with striking artwork and layout by Greg Duval. The new tops are computer-formed from 10-gauge steel, coated with a baked-on light grey polymer finish, then over-printed with the graphics and text in easy-on-the-eyes light blue and black. The console is then covered with a clear polymer overlay (clear-coat) which is baked on to bond the layers into one monolithic unit. As always, the entire cabinet and integrated hydraulic tank is powder coat finished inside and out for protection against rust and corrosion. (Many bullet makers and weapons labs have earlier version Hydro Presses that are over 30 years old and still making bullets as well as ever.) Available in 115v 50/60hz standard model, or optional 208v, 220, 230, or 240v 50/60hz versions (single phase, 1.5-hp). Check it out on the Hydro Press page.

  7. Polymer "bullet balls" in all standard sizes are in good supply again! Use these for adjusting bullet weight in the same jacket length, making ultra-light high speed bullets, or positive expansion polymer tips over a deep cavity to insure expansion on impact. Packaged in bags of 1000.

  8. New! Dave Corbin's latest book, twenty years in the writing, details the tips, techniques, and planning for a successful custom bullet business, with emphasis on organization, marketing and promotion. "Turning Ideas Into Income" is a 224 page guide to building wealth and enjoying family involvement in a well proven home business, is now available. Orders are being taken on the secure web store now, at $12.95, with gift wrapping/gift card option. (A shorter, earlier version was first published in 2002 on CD-ROM only. This is the updated and completed print edition, with an additional 11 years of work added.

  9. Improved new version: CSP-1H Hydro-Mite with floor stand, integrated features, precision control package, at new lower price! The volume of sales has allowed us to reduce the price on the CSP-1H Hydro Mite hydraulic press, and redesign it into a self-contained floor model instead of a bench press. The press now includes precision pressure controls, more easily accessible pressure gauge, power unit mounted on the floor stand, and best of all, the price is dramatically less than the combined total of stand, precision control package and press previously sold. Neater, more compact plumbing and wiring adds to the utility of this 4-inch stroke press (with 2-inch compatibility mode for using S-type swage dies, same as the CSP-1 hand press). Use it for drawing .22 caliber jackets quickly, making copper strip into pistol or smaller caliber rifle bullets (308 and smaller), and normal swaging and drawing operations. Delivery typically within 30 days or less.

  10. SIM-TEST ballistic test medium is in stock. We ship pallet loads of this to various government agencies, not only for bullet testing but for testing helmets, gloves, vests, any kind of trauma simulation sensor-equipped tests, and for medical research (simulates adipose and brain tissue for impact and penetration testing with hypodermic needles, radiation therapy, etc.). You can use it over and over again, unlike gellatin. It can be used at room temperature, and simply melted and recast any number of times. Very economical in the long run. Sold in aproximately 10 lb blocks or 58-60 lb cartons (weight varies a little with exact size of the blocks). Density of 1.3 gm/cc, 100% water soluable at 140-deg F. Makes bullet "wounds" that look like the real thing and act that way, not like the over-dramatic results from less resiliant clay, wet paper, wax, etc., so you get closer to real life results.

  11. PCM-2 Power Cannelure Machines are available for immediate delivery or within a short period if you need a special size or shape of cannelure. The machines are capable of being set up for either 115v 50/60hz or 220-230v 50/60 hz, and can run about 30 bullets a minute on a continuous production. These are built into the production lines at major bullet producers' plants. They can be manually fed as fast as you can push bullets into the input side, for doing rapid cannelure grooves on any bullet. The tool does require a hardened specially built wheel for each caliber, and comes with one wheel in a standard shape and caliber of your choice.

  12. HCT-1, HCT-2, and HCT-3 Cannelure, Knurling, and Bullet Grooving tools are in stock for immediate delivery.

  13. Custom Die Orders. Setup and planning is about 90% of the time, plus just working through the older jobs. That's why, even if we may be a year or more backlogged, it only means the OLDEST job in the queue is that old, not that every single order will take that long. At this point, we have to quote 18-24 months on any unusual or special calibers or shapes, but honestly, that's just a guess. We have some orders that are almost 2-1/2 years old (the ones we are finishing right now). But orders that match the oldest jobs can usually be made at the same time, with the same setup, no matter when they were entered.

    Predicting delivery is an impossible task when almost everything is custom built. The best way to get quicker delivery is to have the order in the queue as soon as you can, so there is more chance of an older job matching it. Another thing you can do is ask for delivery as completed. What that means is we will ship complete, workable caliber sets together rather than hold up the entire order until the last part is done. You can then get started setting up, learning how to use equipment, making at least one of the calibers or shapes you ordered, and we can ship the other items as they are done.

  14. Bullet Jackets. We have stock on hand of .224, .243, .257, .264, .284, .308, .408, .510, and .700 rifle bullet jackets. Also new J-30-115 1.15-in length, J-22-800 .224 x .80-in length, and J-45-580 0.58-in length jackets. Stocks are also available of .38/9mm, .40, and .264 x 1.25-in calibers. The .264 x 1.25 jacket is for making long, high BC 6.5mm bullets. The new J-40-143 jacket is 1.43 inch length and can be used for .416, .408, .412, .400 calibers and drawn through a reducing die to make very nice .375, .358, .338 and all calibers in between, with heavy walls for big game. The new J-50-177 jacket is 1.77 inches long, and is used primarily for 50 BMG, but can also be used for calibers larger than .40 and smaller than .510 diameter, by redrawing through a jacket reducing die. Examples would be the .458 caliber or .475 caliber. This makes a heavy wall hunting bullet excellent for big game, especially when used with Corbin Core-Bond. The new .70 caliber x 1.3-in jacket is for 12 bore, 700 Nitro, and for drawing down to calibers larger than 50 but smaller than 70, such as the .600 Nitro, .577 Snyder, and other really big bore rifles.

  15. Lead wire. In spite of the various environmental whacko and government attacks against the lead industry (most of it based on exaggerated risk or outright falsehood), Corbin has a good supply in all sizes used for bullet making. We expect to continue to provide lead wire into the foreseeable future. (For those of you with a sense of humor, the future is seldom forseeable or we'd all be retired on our MicroSoft and Google stock sales!)

    Lead is of course one of many metals associated with valid precautions such as not eating, drinking, or smoking while handling it, and a good washing of hands when finished. People with elevated lead blood tests may not have followed these precautions, or may have used hot lead (casting) for a long period, where fumes and vapors can be inhaled, especially in closed areas without much ventilation. The salts of lead can be very damaging if you eat or breathe them, no question about it. But room-temperature solid metal is not something you can usually inhale or ingest. On the other hand, neither do you want to eat a newspaper or snort a pint of milk! Either could be instantly fatal (and the editorial pages of some liberal papers are equally hard to swallow, and may be fatal if consumed without precautionary logic)! Common sense should prevail where over-reaction seems to rule.

Corbin Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
PO Box 2659
White City, OR 97503 USA

Phone 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs: 541-826-5211
Fax 24-hrs: 541-826-8669

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