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For immediate delivery items, see Specials on www.SwageDies.com web store.

About Delivery Time...

For decades, Corbin swaging dies have been in such demand that backlogs were common. The small, dedicated staff of skilled die makers could barely stay within 18 months of the latest orders. Chat rooms and word of mouth was that the products were the best and worth the wait, but the delivery could be discouraging.

Today, MOST of the products which do not require custom design are shipped either from stock, or in less than 30 days. Demand is higher than ever, but we've improved the production speed for most of our standard items and have discontinued items which were taking too much time away from our core products (bullet swaging dies and tools).

However, just when our average delivery time had been cut from 18 months to about 30-45 days average even on the custom work, the field of precharged air guns experienced explosive growth with huge demand for our high pecision pellet and slug swaging systems. Reviews and videos posted on YouTube, in blogs and chat rooms, and in other social media exposed thousands of new customer to the fast, high precision adjustable weight dies we had developed for making various styles of top selling air gun slugs. And we were rapidly buried with new orders.

This huge inflow of new orders is driven by two factors, one technical and one political:

  1. Air guns have developed to the point where they offer excellent results for hunting and target shooting.

    The number and quality of PCP Air Rifles being offered today in a wide range of calibers has expanded demand for extremely precise, adjustable weight projectiles in sophistocated designs which Corbin PF-1-SP and PF-1-HP one-stroke swage dies, or the two-die hollow ogive style sets produce easily and quickly.

  2. Air guns are usually less subject to prohibitions and arbitrary, draconian firearms laws than cartridge firearms, making them accessible in areas where firearms are difficult to obtain, own or shoot.

    In areas where certain diameters or velocities are subject to prohibitive legislation, Corbin's air gun swaging equipment has permitted optimal designs to push the performance to the ultimate level permissible in accuracy, power, or availability (duties, taxes and licenses can make importing factory projectiles less attractive than making them at or near the point of use). The cost of making one's own compares favorably with imported brands, with the added capability to tune the weight and style precisely to one's gun and purpose.

Standard items: Immediate to under 90 Day Delivery

Most of the items that are NOT custom built (that is, universal tools such as core cutters, core molds, standard shapes and calibers of rifle and pistol die sets, presses, supplies such as bullet jackets, lead wire, metal tip inserts, and polymer "bullet balls", and chemical products such as swage lube, bore cleaner, and bore lap) can be shipped from stock 95% of the time.

The other 5% of the time, when we have sold out of a given standard item, it may require as much as 90 days before we can finish all the stages of producing another "run". We certainly TRY to anticipate sell-outs before they occur, and begin a new production run before it happens. But we are not always able to guess when an exceptionally large number of orders will take the last of our stock long before it normally would be sold out. When that happens, we take orders on a first-in, first-out basis until the production run is completed, tested, packaged, and ready for shipping again.

This happened in the 3rd quarter of 2019. The world demand for our presses, both hand and hydraulic power versions, surged. Our inventory was sold out, with some clients buying as many as ten presses, to take advantage of the demand for air gun slugs swaged in Corbin dies. Meanwhile the demand for handgun and rifle bullet swage dies (for cartridge or muzzle loading firearms) continued as usual. The combined flood of orders left us without presses. We are just now, in first quarter 2020, beginning to finish all of the necessary parts and components to restore inventory and improve the delivery again.

Meanwhile, the sooner your order is entered, the earlier it can be shipped. Orders are shipped depending on date of entry, as soon as a press is ready for shipment. If your order was entered ahead of others, it ships ahead of others, all else being equal (some people ask for delivery at a specific time in the future, or ask for all items to be held for shipment together even if some of them are ready prior to the last item on the order).

Air gun slug swaging kits (for production of air gun projectiles for PCP rifles) are in such huge demand world wide that we are struggling to stay within the 90 day average delivery time. We expect to catch up eventually, but for now, the complete KIT-2SP and KIT-3SP (for hollow point slugs made in one stroke, and hollow ogive slugs made in two dies in succession) should be ordered as soon as possible to assure quicker delivery. One thing that changes delivery time is whether you can accept our standard dimensions for the ogive, tip and base shapes, or need custom work.

Generally for any given caliber, the standard dimensions are the ones made popular by our commercial clients. They are standard because most people find that they work best. However, if you want special hollow point specs, custom base shapes, different ogive shapes, or specific diameters other than the nominal standards, we are happy to do it. Just be prepared for a little longer delay in receiving the order while we make the special tooling. There is a chart of standard dimensions at www.Corbins.com/airguns.htm

Delivery on Custom Items

We are about (on average) 90 days backlogged with custom work. Some items will be done sooner if they can be grouped and done with other nearly identical ones, even if there are some custom differences. Some items will take longer because there are other items they need to have sent at the same time, such as a six die set where we have everything finished except the custom reamers and laps to create the custom point former.

Custom items are those built to client-provided dimensions rather than our standard dimensions: if we can take it off the shelf and ship it, or take it from a run of 100 identical items that are being built to replace inventory that might be sold out at the moment, it is "standard" as far as the production time required.

If it requires setting up a machine and allocating time for a machinist or die maker to modify or produce the item to customer specs -- in other words, it cannot simply be taken off the shelf or out of the next large run without being modified in some way -- then it is "custom". If we need to discover the proper diameter, length or other parameters to fit a client provided or specified component (such as "make the punch so it produces a 155 grain bullet in this jacket") then that also takes more time and in effect makes it a custom part.

Compared to the past 45 years, 90 days is about SIX TIMES faster than our average delivery of custom work over those decades. Although we'd love to ship as soon as you order, sometimes there are just too many previous jobs using the die makers' time to make that possible. Progress begins immediately, though.

First we write up the orders, do the necessary engineering and math to calculate custom reamer and lap shapes, produce the list of steps for making all of the component parts, distribute the jobs for different people and machinery, heat treatment and lapping... these planning stages can take more time than the actual cutting of metal. They are done before we start cutting metal. They are the instructions telling how much and what to cut, after all.

When people call to ask "Have you started my order yet?" the answer is almost always yes. We start the order soon after receiving it and entering it into the data systems. Over the backlog period, various parts of the order are being completed. The order doesn't suddenly spring into existence as soon as the one ahead of it is shipped. It is being built hour by hour, day by day, component at a time, with the finished tooling put into a holding bin as it accumulates. (Making changes at that point can require a "re-start" if the change requires re-making items that have already been finished, or re-doing all the paperwork and calculations.)

At various points, enough items are completed to allow testing and fitting of a die. When each die is ready by itself, the system or series of dies in sets of two or more are tested together, making bullets to examine. Adjustments may be required at that point to some of the "finished" earlier stages. The process continues over the entire backlog period, moving along as machines, people, heat treatment ovens, and testing/fitting time is available.

It is not a question of "have we started?" but "what is left now to finish?". Eventually, all items on the order are completed. Then the entire order can be shipped. Or, if there are portions of the order which will work for you without the others, we could ship those as completed. This is often the case with multi-caliber orders.

It is almost impossible, with custom made or experimentally developed tools, to state an accurate delivery time. That depends on how quickly the jobs which came in ahead of it can be finished. And which people and machines need to be available, not tied up with another prior job. And whether the die makers are at work or home with the flu! Sometimes it depends on how long an expected delivery of special steel or heat treatment chemicals is going to be delayed by bad weather, forrest fires, or unusual backlogs with a given supplier.

In short, if an item is on the shelf or was just finished and tested and is on the shipping bench, we can give a fairly accurate delivery estimate (often "next business day"). If it is in some stage of production, then there are a vast array of factors which usually are not predictable and yet affect the delivery time. But it doesn't hurt to ask! We're glad to check and see how things stand at that moment, and give our best guess. Usually that is an accurate description (guess) since we still can't control or predict those random variables.

If there is some lattitude in the parameters you can accept, such as a point form die that could be either 6-S or 8-S, or a standard .452 diameter rather than a .451 special one, it can help get the order out quicker. But don't trade speed for what you really want. We are here to make things that would be too costly, difficult or impossible to get elsewhere, so if you can wait a little longer, we're glad to make it to your specs. (If you need it faster and an available item isn't going to change the results, that's a valid option too.)

Notes on Selected Items

  • Hydro Presses (CHP-1). Now shipping within 30 days. The press has been re-designed with a tougher Baldor motor, with a heavier and stronger frame. The press cabinet has been made taller to position the operator panel at a more comfortable working height, and to allow room inside the cabinet for a longer stroke cylinder (which also requires change to the press rods and other components, and is a custom option). Available in 115v 50/60hz standard model, or optional 208v, 220, 230, or 240v 50/60hz versions (single phase, 1.5-hp). Check it out on the Hydro Press page.

  • Polymer "bullet balls" in all standard sizes are in good supply again! Use these for adjusting bullet weight in the same jacket length, making ultra-light high speed bullets, or positive expansion polymer tips over a deep cavity to insure expansion on impact. Packaged in bags of 1000.

  • New longer bullet jackets in 22, 30, 264, and 45 caliber are in stock. We also have long 40, 50 caliber and 70 caliber jackets for those really big bores! They can be drawn down to make .338, .358, .366, .375, and all other sizes up to their nominal caliber. Corbin is the world's leading source of bullet jackets for custom bullet swaging.

  • PCM-2 Power Cannelure Machines are available for immediate delivery or within a short period if you need a special size or shape of cannelure. The machines are capable of being set up for either 115v 50/60hz or 220-230v 50/60 hz, and can run about 30 bullets a minute on a continuous production. These are built into the production lines at major bullet producers' plants. They can be manually fed as fast as you can push bullets into the input side, for doing rapid cannelure grooves on any bullet. The tool does require a hardened specially built wheel for each caliber, and comes with one wheel in a standard shape and caliber of your choice. Thanks to feedback from our friends at Sierra Bullets, we've made improvements in the cannelure accuracy to meet demanding military standards, and are proud to offer this higher level of precision as standard design.

  • HCT-1, HCT-2, and HCT-3 Cannelure, Knurling, and Bullet Grooving tools are in stock for immediate delivery.

  1. Air gun slug one-step point forming dies -- Quick, precise slug production.
  2. PIN POINT tips and point form dies -- Higher BC for short large caliber bullets.
  3. New primer/extrusion catcher tray for CSP-2 or CHP-1 -- faster production, less mess.
  4. New J-50-177, J-70-130, J-26-125 jackets -- see list of new bullet jackets available.
  5. Improved steel frame CSP-2 press -- available from stock. Tensile strength increased from 80,000 to over 100,000 psi.
  6. TB-4 Print Edition -- Updated Technical Bulletins Vol. IV, Power Swaging! Both print and e-Book versions.
  7. WD-CMB Print Edition -- Undated World Directory of Custom Bullet Makers! Both print and e-Book versions.
  8. New Adjustable Floor Stand -- updated, new adjustable height self supporting press stand.

Corbin Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
PO Box 2659
White City, OR 97503 USA

Phone 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs: 541-826-5211
Fax 24-hrs: 541-826-8669
Website: http://www.swage.com
E-mail: sales@corbins.com

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